Hakkari Ski Season Preparation

Hakkaride Skiing Season Preparation: Hakkari Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of the ski resort operating in the new season to say 'hello' started to be said.

The new season starts at the Merga Büte Ski Center with an altitude of 12 at the 2800 kilometers away from the city center. All the preparations for the opening of the ski center, which has a 900 meter-long runway, are completed and will be opened in the next week. With the initiatives of the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports and with the contributions of the Provincial Special Administration of Hakkari Governorship, the facility works carried out under the ği Ski House Project üt in Merga Bütan Plateau continue uninterruptedly.

In the new facilities expected to be put into service in the coming week, the first floor of the building, which has two floors and a penthouse, will be used as material and changing rooms. It is expected that ski lovers will flock here with the opening of the Merga Büte Ski Center, where over a meter of snow falls.

Authorities, the new ski facilities will be held today in a ceremony to say 'hello' season, he said.