China to run world-class metro-length

China is leading the world in the metro-length world: China is running the world-wide metro-length leadership while 2020-8 is expected to be 500 a mile long before XNUMX. This is said to be the longest metro system in the world.
Chinese Transport Minister Yang Chuantang stated that the city has expanded the 19 subway system in the country and that the length of this year is expected to be 3 thousand kilometers. The deputy governor of Dai Junliang, the deputy governor of Beijing, stated that the metron had a significant impact on reducing the traffic problem in public transport in Beijing, and said the government would allocate more funds for the development of the metro.
According to Chinese media, the 16 new metro line will be opened this month in Beijing, where the 4 subway line is located, and the metro's metro length will be 527. China's longest subway is located in Beijing, which is home to the 2008 Olympics.
It is stated that the number of passengers in Beijing will gradually exceed 10 million. The authorities also place importance on the importance of security in public transportation. After the brute force incidents that have increased in recent times, the passengers' bags are passed through the X-Ray devices at the entrances of the metro stations. While important meetings were held in Beijing, the security measures taken at airports were now being implemented at metro stations.
Beijing's transport office officials said there are not enough employees on some subway lines in Beijing, which has a population of 21 million, and says some employees are not competent in advanced technology, which is a potential safety risk.
According to Chinese media, Beijing has 500 professional emergency rescue teams with more than 26 members, and more than 6 hundred exercises are held each year to increase its ability to deal with emergencies such as subway fires. Yesterday, a rescue drill was held on the subway line in Beijing. As part of the exercise, the injured people in the derailed subway were rescued.
After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the first public transport in Beijing was promoted.
Accordingly, after December 28, subway fees increased from 2 Yuan (75 kuruş), which had no intermediate limit, to 0 Yuan (6 TL) between 3-1,1 kilometers. According to the new application, prices will be increased by 5 Yuan (1 kurus) for every 37 kilometers.

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