Famous ski resort of France Meribel

Meribel: France's trendy ski resort Meribel: Located in the heart of the French Alps. In the 2015 'world Ski Championships' final competition in Meribel prepared to await the Unique Hotels kayaksever from Turkey.

Meribel, located in France, in the middle of the Northern Alps, between the "Courchavel" and "Val Thrones" region, has a 660 km ski area and natural beauty, is one of the most popular ski resorts.
Delicious food for families with children, a serene nature and comfortable accommodation; Meribel, which has the longest track in the world for ski lovers, is ideal for a beautiful winter holiday.
Located in the heart of the region called Three Valleys (Trois Valles), Meribel Unique Hotels promises an unforgettable holiday to ski enthusiasts with five different hotels and five different concepts. Each of these hotels, which are very close to each other, has its own ski slope. Le Savoy (4 stars) and L'Helios (4 stars) are in the center of Meribel. Adray Telebar (3 stars) and Le Yeti (4 stars) are in the Les Hauts region and finally Aipen Ruitor in the Mottaret region. All the nearby centers are connected to each other by 180 chair lifts. In addition to the ski shop with all kinds of ski equipment from classic skiing to snowborad, there is also a shopping center with 30-40 famous brands in Meribel.


It is possible to reach the area from Geneva and Lyoon airport by renting a 2 and a half hour bus ride or car. Since the establishment of the region, where there is always snow, is based on very old dates, there are quite authentic houses called 'Sale'. The ski resort was founded in 1938 by the British Colonel Peter Lindsay. At the same time, it is possible to dance under the snow at the place called La Folie Douche, known for its night and day parties, to mention Meribel's entertainment life.
Meribel Unique Hotels offers attractive rates especially for the month of February when the holiday holidays of the French schools are finished. Keep in mind!

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