The Second Gocek Tunnel in Fethiye Will Be Free

The second Göcek Tunnel in Fethiye will be Free: The second Göcek Tunnel in Fethiye is expected to provide free services.
The first one was the 2006, which was opened in 3 by the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the 800 970 2013 meter XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX was launched.
Due to the build-operate-transfer model, no fee will be charged for the twin who is paid by the state facilities. At the completion of the excavation, the concrete was completed in half of the 868-meter tunnel where the first light appeared.
8 meter height, 5 meter width Dalaman-Fethiye highway as the arrival and departure of the two lanes will make the tunnel in Fethiye part of the double road work was done.
”The excavation has come to an end“
AK Party deputy Ali Boğa, told reporters, the opening of the first tunnel 2006'da build-operate-transfer model has been made and therefore the only tunnel that provides a paid transition, he said.
In order to put an end to the implementation of the talks with the relevant ministries and highways, Boğa said that as a result, they implemented the second Göcek Tunnel Project.
Taurus highlighted the end of excavations in the tunnel, he said:
Iz We are opening the tunnel in May. This tunnel will be completely free. No one should ever doubt that. The legal process will determine the status of the existing tunnel. With the second tunnel, our citizens will not be paid twice and they will reach their destination in a shorter and safer way. İkinci
The current tunnel can be transferred to the public at a certain cost and can be made free of the recording of the Taurus, said that they worked with the deputy Yuksel Ozden to make the tunnel.
MP thanked the people who contributed to the construction of the Taurus, Ministry, Highways and Tunnel and wished that the new tunnel to be opened to the service would be beneficial to the region.

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