Winterfest 2014 Winter Festival Started in Erzurum

Winterfest 2014 Winter Festival Started in Erzurum: The ski season of the year was opened in Palandöken, one of the world's leading ski resorts. There will be various events, concerts and shows during the Winterfest 12, which will be held in Erzurum between 13, 14 and 2014 December.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey, prepared with the contribution of famous artists within the scope of the organization Murat Dalkılıç Ski Federation, and will be on stage Mustafa Ceceli Sagopa Kajmer. The 3-day events will take place both in the city center, Erzurum Atatürk University and Palandöken Ski Center. A mapping show will be held in the city center, and besides, there will be fun moments at all festival points with inflatable playgrounds.

Besides the beautiful paintings, engravings and calligraphy exhibitions, Ice Sculptures Exhibition will be brought together with the visitors. Participants in the symposium will be held at the University from Turkey Ski Federation, committed to the sport, the athletes will give a seminar to students.

The first day of the event will be distributed gifts such as free scarfs, berets and keyrings. At the same time, a sausage barbecue party will be held on the last day before the concert of Mustafa Ceceli.

The festival will be repeated regularly every year, and all will be opening the festival of ski season in Turkey.

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