Erkeskin Re-elected as President of UTİKAD

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Erkeskin Re-elected to the Chairmanship of UTIKAD: 32. At the Ordinary General Assembly, Turgut Erkeskin was re-elected as the Chairman of UTİKAD.
Erkeskin, who has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD since 2010, became the President of UTİKAD for the third time.
Nil Tunaşar, Arif Badur, Kayıhan Özdemir Turan and Emre Eldener, who were in the Board of Directors of UTIKAD in the previous period, continued their duties in the new period. board members.
The 2014 General Assembly of the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) was held in 25 November 2014 in Istanbul.
UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin General Assembly opening speech, mentioning the logistics transformation in the world and in Turkey, told UTIKAD's responsibilities assumed in this transformation. UTIKAD President Erkeskin, in his speech, recently hosted by UTIKAT World Congress 2014 Istanbul was a very successful and 100 1.100 more than one logistical professional from abroad said that they entertain, stating that UTIKAD is now more effective in the national and international arena. underlined.
Erkeskin, the logistics sector in Turkey's Prime Minister himself announced that he deserved to take share "from Transport Logistics" noting that the emphasis is very important, he said logistics is vital for the country's trade. Emphasizing that the Turkish logistics culture should be improved, the quality in the sector should be increased and innovation should be emphasized. We must absolutely make a due diligence, determine where we are in logistics today and do forward-looking mathematical modeling. ”
Erkeskin: We Will Take the Road Map of Logistics
Erkeskin stated that they had a great deal of duty to the associations in the process of creating a logistic culture and that they acted with this awareness as UTIKAD. Erkeskin, eye Road Map of Logistics bi to create a new research project with the team at the point we are preparing to implement Beykoz. With this research, we will determine where logistics is and where it needs, in a sense, we will map road map of logistics. Bu Especially in logistics is mentioned that comes to mind Logistics Centers correct what is in the structuring point would reveal that must be carried expressing UTIKAD President of this research, "the logistics centers in Turkey planned earlier, we their location, size, we have to re-evaluate the structure and management systems. The 19 of our 6 logistics center is operational. We will share our research with the Ministry of Transport in the following days by examining the details of what should be done in these centers and what opportunities should be in the area where they are located. Bu
Erkeskin mentioned the importance of the logistics structure within the supply chain and said that all stakeholders, from physical carriers in the logistic system to transport business organizers, to the customs administration, should undergo digitalization and that communication and data transfer should be provided through a common single platform.
UTIKAD President Erkeskin, Turkey's Europe-Middle-East, becoming a regional center for production and distribution in Africa and Western Asia for steps to be taken forward by the industry is said: "ensured deepening horizontal and vertical expansion in the sector. Similarly, logistics systems for various goods groups should be developed. The correct use of the logistics capacity of our country is of great importance at this point. Turkey's logistics potential movements in the region consisting of üretimev trade with the south and north of the harbor might be in Turkey, we can offer strategic solutions. China has a wide range of opportunities for trade in Europe. Today a train from China to Madrid moved. This train carries the 85 container and will complete the 10.000 kilometer way 21 a day. Today we can attract this line to our country through Russia. We need to control the strategic movements in our world. For this purpose, we need to make connections between all modes such as sea, highway, railway and airline. BALO A.Ş. at this point is the best example. For the development of intermodal transport, the support of our members and our sector is very important in projects such as BALO. İnter
Referring to the importance of education at the point of development of the sector, Erkeskin said that they had realized another important step for the sector at UTIKAD training point this year. Expressing that they will now give FIATA a diploma, Erkeskin said:, This year we had a very important certification during our FIATA Congress. We have made it possible to accept the trainings in world standards. With UTİKAD, you will now be able to get a FIATA diploma. This diploma will be valid all over the world. We will provide 280 hours training for those who want to get this diploma. Those who take this diploma, which is valid all over the world, will have a significant advantage for their career development in the logistics sector. We aim to build UTIKAD Academy in Turkey. FIATA also conducts an academic study. In this context, we will work with FIATA to establish UTIKAD Academy. Bu
Erkeskin: We Will Go On The Mistake Of The Postal Law
UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, the last part of his speech highlighted a very important detail that may affect the sector. Drawing attention to the regulation published within the framework of the 6475 numbered Postal Law, Erkeskin said, ve Any transport with or without commercial to 30 or 300 decimetric cubes shall be considered as postal parcels or cargoes and will be evaluated within the framework of the Postal Law and, if not observed, the penalties to be applied to the companies shall be applied. We will do the necessary work to rectify this. Bun
After the opening speech, the discussion of the financial statements of the past period activities was completed; the management and audit committees were acquitted and the new budgets were accepted unanimously by the general assembly. At the General Assembly Meeting, 20. Members of UTİKAD who completed the year were presented plaques of appreciation to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), Genel Transport and Arkas Logistics, sponsors of UTİKAD books published in 2014.
The achievement award given to the honor of the late Ahmet Kartal, who made significant contributions to the logistics sector, was given to the first of the 3 separate schools this year. UTIKAD President Erkeskin received the first year of YND-2013 academic year at Yeditepe University International Logistics and Transportation Department. awards were presented.
In addition, Erkeskin presented a plaque to UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur and the Executive Team, which he described as Genel architects of success ğ in the realization of the FIATA 2014 Istanbul Congress.
Erkeskin, who has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD since 2010, was the president of UTIKAD for the third time. The new board of directors chaired by Turgut Erkeskin took the following names;
Nil Tunaşar (Transorient International Transportation), Emre Eldener (Continental Transportation Services), Arif Badur (Reibel Transport), Kayıhan Özdemir Turan (Key International Transportation), M. Mehmet Özal (Ekol Logistics), Ekin Tırman (Aktifsped International Transportation), Koral Mutli (Merden Logistics), Taner Izmirlioglu (GNV Logistics), Ozlem Dost (Savino Del Bene Transport), Ahmet Dilik (Airon Transportation and Logistics)

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