Ergan Mountain Ski Resort Presentation Meeting Held

Erkan Mountain Ski Facility Introduction Meeting Held: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits and members of the board, which was organized by MUSIAD due to the presence in Erzincan Erkan Mountain introductory meeting was held.
Erzincan Governor Süleyman Kahraman, Erzincan Deputy Sebahattin Karakelle, Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, Erzincan University Rector. Dr. Elijah Çapoğlu, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits and board members, was attended by members of MUSIAD with the director of public institutions.
Speaking at the meeting, Governor Kahraman said; Ercan Mountain Ski Center which is the dream of Erzincan's 25 year is not only for Erzincan but also for our country. Ir Ergan Mountain Ski Center is one of the important factors in the development and promotion of our city by turning the climatic conditions into advantage in the winter months. We would like to know that our Governorate plans to strengthen the winter tourism in Erzincan and plan the tourism to 12. We are making the necessary promotional activities to add the image of winter tourism especially to the activities that can spread the skiing and culture to the floor. Spor
Ir The Ergan Mountain Ski Resort is one kilometer away from the other ski resorts in terms of facilities and accommodation facilities, which are designed for our guests, with a distance of 10 km to the city center, modern cable car and chairlift systems. As Erzincan Governorship, we strive to use this potential with SODES, KUDAKA and various projects and encourage our young people to march. In order to achieve success in skiing, we select talented athletes and direct them to this sport with a systematic study. Our governorate always provides support to talented athletes in camping and training issues. In this context, the camp and education activities of our young people are continuing at Sakaltutan facilities. Bu
Il We expect the Skiing Federation to support the development of skiing which is as old as the history of humanity in our city. In the speech of the President of the Ski Federation during the day we saw how close we can open our horizon. We will wait for support from our presidency of the Ski Federation. In his talk, he explained to us how to set a road map of where to stand. we climbed together today. Ergan Mountain Ski facilities offer a great future for our city.
Ir In winter tourism, there is a need in our city, especially in need of hotels. I think we can respond to this need with the support of our government and the initiative of the private sector. The existence of these facilities will ensure our social and economic development. As Erzincan Governorship, we will always carry out the works necessary for Erzincan to be a winter sports center. Erz
Governor Süleyman Hero's speech after skiing sports related Turkey Ski Federation President Erol presentation yapıldı.sunu me President of the Federation by the use of Erol Benefits, Erkan Mountain Ski Center by using on-site resources can be developed much more quickly, he said.
In his presentation Erol Mountain Ski Center compared with the world's most important ski resorts President Erol Yarar, Ergan Mountain Ski Center transportation, facilities, natural beauties and both summer and winter tourism with the advantages of being available 12 can be an important center of sports can be widely distributed to the moon, he said.
After the presentation, Governor Kahraman gave a handcrafted copper tray to the President of the Federation Erol Yarar. The program ended after the dinner and the participants' speech.