Eren Mountain awaits to be discovered at 2 thousand 860 meters

eren mountain ski resort
eren mountain ski resort

Snow thickness reaches 35-40 centimeters on Mount Eren, which is an hour away from Fethiye.

Eren Mountain, with an altitude of 2 meters, in the Temel District of the Seydikemer District of Muğla, awaits attention. The snow thickness reaches 860-35 centimeters in the center, which is about an hour away from Fethiye. Until now, 40 governors have made efforts to declare the mountain and its surroundings as a tourism facility area and to establish a ski center, but the facility is still not fully realized.

Operator and ski national athlete Şeref Elbir tries to popularize this sport by giving ski lessons on Eren Mountain, where he takes a chair lift with his own means. Stating that he applied to the ministries by having a 137-bed accommodation facility and ski center project drawn, Elbir said, “An investment of 50 million dollars is required. The infrastructure must be completed for the investors to come, ”he said.