Erdemli Municipality Continues Road Works in Çeşmelide

Erdemli Municipality is continuing its road works in Çeşmelide: Erdemli Municipality continues to work on bringing the damaged roads to the asphalt stage.
In addition to the opening of many new roads in Erdemli, the service continues by expanding the old roads. Erdemli Mayor Mükerrem Tollu stated that road works are very important in terms of revealing the quality of Erdemli and said ın We continue to increase the quality of our district. Erdemli'mızın flaws and shortcomings of all kinds that are not suitable to fix the way we are going to fix, Erd he said.
Stating that roads are a basic need for human beings, Tollu said that Erdemli Municipality is among the most successful municipalities in the field of asphalting service. Emphasizing that most of the materials used in the asphalt works are their own productions, Tollu underlined that they are very ambitious in this regard. Expressing the continuation of road building and expansion in each of Erdemli's districts, Tollu said that the road works were progressing steadily. Tollu said that they have started a big breakthrough since the day they took office in this regard, and that these works will continue for the future and will be carried out for the comfort of the citizens. Tollu stated that teams are working with great devotion and ended his words by saying that all kinds of requests of the people of the district will be resolved to the extent permitted by the laws.




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