Mount Erciyes Ski Resort is ready for Christmas

📩 24/11/2018 13:52

Erciyes Mountain Ski Center is ready for the beginning of the year. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahit Cıngı said that air temperatures prevent the opening of all runways, and if necessary, they would make artificial snow before Christmas.

Stating that the 2014 -2015 Ski Season was opened on November 22, Murat Cahit Cıngı stated that artificial snowing contributed to the early opening of the season. Çıngı, "As you know, Turkey's all we open the season on November 22 to be called a historical record. We found the opportunity for our guests to ski. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's investments in Mount Erciyes made a serious contribution to this situation. Especially after operating our artificial snow systems, we had the opportunity to open our runways when the snow also rained a little. However, although the high air temperature has prevented us from opening all of our tracks recently, I hope we are trying to give ski lovers exciting moments from next week, depending on the temperature values, by running our artificial snow systems again from this week.

Murat Cahit Cıngı, who said that many tours came to Erciyes from France and Russia during the New Year of 2013-2014 Winter Season, stated that the interest of tours increased twice this season. Cıngı noted that many tours, especially from Russia and France, are closely interested in Erciyes Ski Facilities. Cıngı also said, “Of course, New Year's Eve is an important day for our country and the world. They make New Year's preparations in our social areas and hotels here. There are various programs, of course, these programs vary according to hotels. We will hopefully host our guests from various parts of the world during the season and endeavor to serve skiing and serve our city. New tour operators are striving to make tours from the Netherlands, Russia and France. Erciyes Mountain Erciyes master plan is getting closer to its goal in terms of making economic and social contribution to the city day by day. Tours from Europe had started to come regularly since last year. Although it varied according to the groups, we were hosting about 100 people every week. The number of tour operators interested in Mount Erciyes increased even more this year. France and Russia stepped in. As far as we have recently followed from the media, our people have knowledge. We have concrete steps towards achieving this unity in Cappadocia and Erciyes, which is in the theory of the Erciyes master plan. We also hold meetings with the governors and mayors of our two provinces. We form committees. We are creating a set of concrete packages for the marketing and promotion of Cappadocia, especially in the winter season, with Erciyes. When all these are added to each other, Erciyes will progress rapidly to become a world-class ski center both this winter and the next winter. "We will endeavor to serve not only our city and our country, but also the whole world for skiing and mountaineering sports".

Saying that they have been preparing for the season since the beginning of autumn, Murat Cahit Cıngı stated that the 2013-2014 season was inactive in terms of skiing and that they are preparing new surprises for ski lovers this season.

Cıngı said, “Last season we had a quiet season in terms of snowfall in Erciyes, as in the rest of the world. However, we opened our tracks with artificial snow starting from December 14 and served ski lovers throughout the winter until the first week of April. Despite the low snowfall last year, there was no significant decrease in visitors. We plan to increase our target by 50% this year by looking at last year. We both heard the city of Erciyes in Turkey as well as the public becomes a little more with each passing day. The reason why tour operators show interest in Erciyes is that they go to Austria, so the centers of this business are skiing in the Alps in the trawl zone in Austria. People who go there are now looking for an alternative medium. They want to try different areas, and we try to create an alternative for visitors who want to ski at different points by putting Erciyes in the foreground in this area. Erciyes is also featured in foreign media from time to time. With the work of us and our governorship, we bring here skiers, literate and journalists who have a reputation for ski sports. Activities continue in Europe, of course, in parallel with the social structure here. We are experiencing a serious expectation in our visitor increase this year. When we meet with air conditioning experts, they state that they predict that this year will be a good year in terms of rainfall. If we can get the expected snowfall from this season, December is uncertain in terms of snowfall at the beginning of the season in all ski centers, but since January, we strive to keep the next three and a half month season full and open all our tracks open, especially the Develi Gate. " said.

Erciyes Ski Center located in the hotel called the Mirada Del Lago Christmas program and pricing was determined. Group MedCezir's New Year's Day at Erciyes Mountain Mirada Hotel will learn to perform, such as Clown, Fireworks, such as activities will be performed. New Year's Eve, including the accommodation of the New Year's program, including the accommodation fee 369 TL was determined, only to participate in New Year's events 129 TL was reported.