Skiing at Kartalkaya Ski Center

Kartalkaya 's Arbitrary Skiing: Kartalkaya, one of Turkey's major ski resorts, weekend evening you gördü. intense interest in starting and then continuing at intervals of precipitation, snow depth was measured 50 centimeters at the ski center.

After the snow thickness has reached the desired level, all of the 42 kilometers long runways have been opened. At the end of the week, the hotels provided a full service rate of 70.

The holidaymakers did not ski under the zero-temperature 7 temperature.

Stating that the snow thickness has reached 50 centimeters, Doruk Kaya Hotel General Manager Yusuf Avcı said, “The snow that fell before the new year made us very happy. Skiing is available on all of our tracks. We are extremely happy with the interest shown by vacationers. "I think we will have a very good season despite the late snowfall."