Bridges in Edirne closed to traffic

In Edirne, the bridges were closed to traffic: the citizens of the Karaağaç neighborhood, where 5 was living in a thousand people, were warned by the authorities. half of it was closed to traffic.
Bulgarian authorities in recent days, due to excessive rainfall Kırcaali Dam to open the control of the Edirne Governor's Office reported. He warned the Bulgarian authorities to take measures so that they would leave the Arda River at midnight at 02.00. The Provincial Crisis Desk decided to close the historic stone bridges over the Tunca and Meriç rivers considering the rise in the flow. Upon this, teams attached to the Edirne Provincial Police Department, pulling security tape to the bridge entrances, closed to traffic.
Meanwhile, about 5 thousand people living in the Karaagac neighborhood, the authorities were warned. It will be decided whether the bridges will be opened to traffic as a result of the evaluation.

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