Work done on a 3 thousand 185 kilometer road in Diyarbakır


Work Has Been Done On The 3 Thousand 185 Kilometers Road in Diyarbakır: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, with 13 new districts affiliated to it with the last law, and the construction of a road of 4 thousand 3 kilometers in the rural areas of 185 districts in the center, surface coating, maintenance, patch, regulation, basic substrate He did such studies.
The Metropolitan Municipality has reorganized its infrastructure service units upon the arrival of 17 from the four districts with the latest law. Within this scope, the Metropolitan Municipality, which established the Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, established the Road Construction Control Department, Rural District Branch Directorate, Asphalt Production Branch Directorate, Machinery Supply Office Directorate and AYKOME Branch Directorate within this department. Rural Neighborhood Services Branch Office teams, the province of the province in the rural area of ​​the thousand kilometers of 440 kilometers made the study of the road. The teams made 150 mileage stabilized, while 848 carried out maintenance and repairs to the kilometer road. 30 the new road leading to the Metropolitan Municipality teams, made the asphalt patching work of the 473 kilometer road.
Metropolitan Municipality, 2014 thousand 20 tone asphalt and 232 thousand 23 tone bypass material in 156, 28 thousand 308 tons of basic materials to the district municipalities to provide asphalt, maintenance and repair of roads.
The Rural Services Branch Directorate made a road construction with an investment of 2014 million 18 thousand pounds in 328. Directorate teams completed the 316 kilometer of the 244 kilometer road construction planned by it, and the remaining 72 kilometer part, which is not allowed by the climatic conditions, will be completed in 2015.

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