We're still on the railroad.

Still we are the last in railway: The result of TCDD Turkey and countries in the study, compared 18, Turkey will still fold in the railways is proving to be a lot of ways. According to the comparisons made considering the figures of the year in Turkey railway 2011 9 while the total length of the outline thousand kilometers 642 15 884 thousand in the UK, Germany thousand 41, 66 thousand in China, Russia thousand 85, 63 thousand in India In the US, 375 is a thousand kilometers.

The number of passengers traveling by train in Turkey was 86 million a year, this figure is much higher, as 1 389 billion million in the UK. 2 billion 368 million in Germany, 1 billion 102 million in France, 993 million in Russia, 7 billion 246 million in India, 36 billion 142 million passengers in India have traveled by trains. The number of passengers traveling by train is 29 billion 3 million and the number of passengers with 1,2 billion is Japan. Turkey passed the number of passengers could only 22,2 countries. Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, the number of passengers stayed below Turkey. 12,6 percent of this figure, while the incidence rate related to travel by rail in Turkey 28,6 percent of the population in England, in Spain 29, XNUMX percent in Austria, amounted to XNUMX percent in Germany.



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