Anti-slip asphalt accidents reduced by 50 percent

50 reduction in accidents with non-slip asphalt: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, reducing the braking distance and prevent slippage in the application of double-layer mortar type non-slip asphalt, reduced accidents by half.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the intersections exposed to heavy traffic, polished asphalt or concrete coated roads and slippery roads with slippery roads slip-resistant features. Within the scope of the studies initiated in recent years, 630 has been covered by a non-slip asphalt with a thousand square meter area, ie about 60 kilometer. Izmir Traffic Police Department officials, this asphalt application in places where the accidents occurred by reducing the rate of 50 percent of the study spread across the city wishes to be expanded. The total cost of the works carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality until today reached 12 million TL.
Mortar type asphalt coating is applied as cold and consists of a special emulsion and basalt material mixture. The application is done with a special machine. As the asphalt thickness is 1,6 centimeters, the difference between the pavement and the asphalt in the applied areas does not change much. After paving, the road changes depending on the weather conditions, but the average 1-1,5 can be opened to traffic within hours. Crushed basalt stone is used to increase the durability of the cement mortared asphalt. The mixture is cement based, preventing the asphalt from melting away from the heat. This asphalt, which reduces the friction by better understanding the vehicle tires, increases the resistance to skidding.
Regions where anti-slip asphalt has been applied since 2010 are as follows: Cumhuriyet, Yener, Kıvanç Caddesi, 734, 735, 4709, 4712, 4510, 4713 streets, OtogaR-Otoyol Connection in Bornova. Konak Underpass in Konak, Mürselpaşa Boulevard-Yeşildere Caddesi Intersection On the crossroad and bridge, Toros-Çamkule Connection Road, Gültepe Samsun Caddesi. In Narlıdere Çayırlı Sokak, 9 Eylül Caddesi, 27 Mayıs Caddesi, Dağdelen Sokak. Büyükçiğli Underpass, Tuzla Underpass, Cemil Meriç Boulevard, 8809, 6794, 6762, 6820, 6864, 6814/4, 6864, 6800, 6062, 6840/1, 8050, 8846, 8842, 8841, 8831, 8819 in Çiğli , 8822 streets, Bayraklı District 7000, 7014, 7018, 718/5, 7020, 1620/45, 1609/12, 1620/39, 1609/13, 2167, 1620/14, 1612, 1639/1, 1615 streets. 800 Streets, Esbaş, Gaziemir and Sarnıç Underpasses in Gaziemir. Zaimağa Caddesi in Karabağlar. KarşıyakaJunction in Istanbul. Erdoğan Ker Street and Ahmet Besim Uyal Street in Urla.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams are implementing non-slip asphalt on Narbel Erdal İnönü Avenue in Narlıdere, Uğur Mumcu Street and Çağdaş Avenue in Balçova. By the end of 2014, it is planned to make a mortar-type asphalt coating of approximately 100 kilometers in length on a total area of ​​9,5 thousand square meters. Mithatpaşa Street Eşref Bitlis Underpass in Balçova, within the scope of the works that will continue in 2015, BayraklıAnadolu Avenue on Altınyol Turan Bridge, between Altınyol Turan Bridge and Zafer Payzın Intersection; Ziya Gökalp Street, Ahmet Arvasi Street, Barbaros Street, Hürriyet Street in Bornova; Homeros Boulevard (Uçanyol), Fevzi Çakmak Street in Buca; Mithatpaşa Caddesi, Şehit Kemal Caddesi in Güzelbahçe; Saim Cikrikci Street in Karabaglar, 108/24 Street (next to the Faculty of Theology); Karşıyaka700 Street on the bridge, New Kyrenia Street; Variant United Konak Street, 200 Street, Bayramyeri Underpass, Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa Street, Bogazici Street, Esrefpasa Street (up to Yesillik Street), Toros Street and various streets and streets are planned to be carried out in Konak. With these works to be carried out in the year 2015, a total of 400 thousand square meters of non-slip asphalt application with a length of approximately 38 kilometers will be made. 2014 and 2015 will be carried out during the year, the cost of the works will be 9,5 million TL.



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