China's two giant train company CSR merged with CNR

CNR and China's two giant train companies merged with CNR: The Shinhua agency reported that the country's two major train-producing companies, CSR and CNR, had completed the first draft plan. An official from China's Public Assets, Supervision and Management Commission said the merger plan of CSR and CNR was submitted to the state council.
It was stated that the merger was taking place at the request of the Chinese government, while CSR would buy all of CNR's shares.
On the other hand, it is stated that the new train production company which will be formed by the merger will be named as N China Railway Vehicles Company değer and its total value is expected to be 300 billion (about 50 billion dollars).
The planned agreement between the two companies, China's high-speed rail network will facilitate and will remove the competition between the roads were expressed.
At the beginning of this year, 800 will be invested in the construction of the railway, the 7 will be opened for a thousand kilometers and 64 will start construction of the new project. 64 new project 46 approved in China this year, the new railway line 14 was opened.

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