Citroen to offer Roadside Assistance with C-elysee

Citroen C-elysee With Roadside Assistance Services to Present: According to a statement from the company Citroen, Turkey's remaining road users at any point in a central location to NAVİGASYONLU will transfer with the C-Elysee car.
Roadside assistance service, previously provided with Citroen's commercial model Nemo, began to be offered with the C-Elysee model as of December. Especially in Istanbul, where the traffic is heavy, the problems that can be experienced in the Bosphorus Bridge crossings made by commercial vehicles will be eliminated.
In Turkey, more than 50 points in providing sales and service Citroen offers its customers "Mobile Support Service" application, which can be downloaded free of charge. With this application, all Citroen users are served with navigation C-Elysee vehicles. Within the scope of this customer service, Citroen users are also offered the opportunity to access emergency road assistance, damage support call and other road assistance services anytime and anywhere in case they encounter any problems while traveling.

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