Chairlift opening in Cıbıltepe

📩 24/11/2018 13:56

lifts opening at Cibiltepe: Kars in Sarıkamış opening of Cibiltepe Ski Center made a new ski lift system in the county yapıldı.türkiye's major ski resorts made to Cibiltepe Ski Center in the town of Sarıkamış Kars Located made the opening of the new ski lift system.

Governor Günay Özdemir, AK Party Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan and Yunus Kılıç, District Governor Muhammed Gürbüz and Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy, who opened two hotels whose construction was completed in Cıbıltepe Ski Center, later attended the ceremony held for the opening of the chair lift system.

In his speech here, Governor Özdemir stated that they have added an additional chair lift line to Cıbıltepe Ski Center and that they aim to serve more local and foreign tourists in the center.

Expressing that the number of hotels in the district has increased, Özdemir said, “We aim to provide better service to our guests coming in this way. I wish good luck to our people and all of our nation ”.

After the speeches of the deputies Kılıç and Arslan, the guests who took the opening of the chair lift and went to the first stage ski center received information from the authorities about the work carried out here.

Then the snowmobile (snowmobile) riding a short ride with the deputy Sword and Sarikamis Mayor Toksoy, about 100 meter after the turn quickly fell from the vehicle.

Kılıç and Toksoy, who survived the accident unscathed, completed their trip and returned to the center. Kılıç, in his statement to the reporters, stated that everyone should get on a snowmobile at least once and said, “We saw that this vehicle could also be overturned. Do not think 'it will not topple over', it can also tip over. We turned very hard. You shouldn't do that. We remained standing. Everything needs to be done slowly, we entered a little fast. In Sarıkamış, there are enough numbers that can be used ”.