BURULAŞ was a BURULAŞK for all employees

BURULAŞ was a BURULAŞK for all employees: Büyükşehir Bld. Our Chairman One of the important actions Recep Altepe did about five years ago was the delivery of Mr. Sevent Fidansoy to the General Directorate of BURULAŞ.
In the intervening period the company's nobody around Turkey, even an institution could have foreseen would be to bring the voice of Europe.
BURULAŞ is now a brand value; this corporate company with its successful operations on sea, air and land; so far, a full Amphibious Brigade, that is, landed on land, on the air and at sea, turned into a unit of motor vehicles.
Like all bees and bees, all our friends were a soldier full of jobs and full of duty.
Has been with a group of friends recently sohbet we did. Friends mentioned that he had thirteen years in the company and that Levent Bey was their third general manager until this period.
To tell the truth sohbetWe could not fit Mr. Levent to the sky and we emphasized that he brings a different atmosphere and a different value to our BURULAŞ.
It was also discussed that many things were talked about, and that the issue at BURULAŞ has now become a privilege and that the municipality is the most peaceful place among the corporate companies.
For this reason we like the employees BURULAŞ our workplace is now called 'BURULAŞK'.
So the definition of BURULAŞK I think so cuk is sitting on the subject.
I wish all of our friends in BURULAŞK a lot of happy and happy work for many years, and more importantly, I hope that the company will come to better places without losing its value. Tüm
A BURULAŞ employee who does not want his name to be disclosed

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