“Band” Surprise to Passengers at Bursaray Şehreküstü Station (Video)

“Bando” Surprise for Passengers at Bursaray Şehreküstü Station: Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, gave a surprise Christmas concert to citizens waiting for the train to arrive at Bursaray Şehreküstü Station. When the municipal band team, who mingled with the daily clothes and the passengers, started to sing their favorite songs at once, the passengers were surprised.

Organized at Şehreküstü Station for the first time in the new year, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Bando team, who was involved in daily clothes among the passengers, gave a mini-concert. The most crowded of the station in the evening time held in the event of the citizens unaware of the next train waiting for the arrival of the instruments brought to the station by playing the instruments brought to surprise. The artists coming from different points began to gather at one point, while the brass band chief Şaban Gülşen, who also sits between the passengers, came to the head of the team.

Thanks to the mini concert of the band team, which was gathered with the song 'Hayat Bayram Olsa', all passengers from 7 to 70 spent pleasant moments. The event, which is followed by many cameras pre-assembled from different angles, draws great attention from its followers on many platforms, especially social media. Stating that special surprises will continue for the new year, Burulaş officials said, “We wanted to remind our passengers who are caught up in the flow of life, trying to reach somewhere and missing the beauties of life, and to make them smile a little, even if they are worthy of life. Passengers who rushed from there to there stopped with a mini concert that started suddenly and participated in the concert with great enthusiasm. Burulaş will continue to work with the motto of not only quality and fast but also happy and smiling. ” found in the description.



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