Transportation problem of Bursa Free Zone turned into tangle

The transportation problem of the Free Zone of Bursa turned into a tangle: the transportation problem of the Bursa Free Zone, which has a trade volume of 2 billion dollars annually, has turned into a tangle. Due to the bureaucracy and the budgetary obstacle, the 10 intersection has been planned to be organized in the form of a double departure with the 3 junction.
Bursa - Yalova highway route, which has not been renewed for 10 years in the Free Zone, the gateway to the world, Bursa, which is the investment leg of major transportation projects, has turned into a mess.
The free ports of the region as well as Turkey's economy is one of the most important gateway to the world of logistics centers blow to Gemlik dream is shot. The project is ready for the renewal of the 2-kilometer road, but neither the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways nor the Metropolitan Municipality is under the responsibility. While the arrangement of the connection road between Yalova and Bursa as a double lane, round trip is delayed, traffic flow cannot be provided during peak hours.
GEMPORT, Roda, YILFERT and Borusan, including 4 largest port, the countries exporting to the region's contribution puts stating that the biggest problem of transportation in the Bursa Free Zone Director Ahmet Bird, explaining that they found in the Report repeatedly to the relevant institutions to solve the transportation problem, "Bursa Free Zone 18 free in Turkey The first 5 is located in the region. 2 in employment. We are in a large region. Bursa's exports are provided from these ports. The entrance road of such a free zone was abandoned in such a way that it would not be suitable for industrialists and ports. 9 thousand 300 people are working in our region. We have 104 active company using our region. The road uses heavy vehicles and trucks as well as 5 vehicles. The 2 thousand-meter road must be 3 intersections and double-way. Our draft project is ready. Tas
Bird, which states that they cannot make sense of such a delay in organizing a road used by all logistics companies, bir 10 has been struggling for years. 14. However, due to the budget shortage, it cannot make its way to the Regional Directorate of Highways. It is said to be within metropolitan boundaries along with metropolitan law. We have also evaluated these comments and made attempts. The municipality is 14. He said that he was attached to the Regional Directorate and that the period was not realized. General Directorate of Highways, the Governorate and the municipality we think how to solve this work faster. We are also ready to support the construction of the road. But we could not come to a stage of the project, and did not implement it, hay he said.
Turkey's economy is one of the most important gate to the world in Gemlik; Important developments are taking place in terms of land, air and railway transportation. With the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, the transportation time from Gemlik to Istanbul will be reduced to 45 minutes. With seaplane flights, the distance between Gemlik and Istanbul fell to 20 minutes. With the realization of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, the transportation work of an important port, which will add strength in strategic terms, remained in the air.
In the recent months, employees of the customs firm operating in the free zone reacted, stating that the traffic accident resulting from the injury of the 2 person was also caused by the insufficiency of the roads. It is expected that the connection between the main road and the port road will be solved in a very urgent manner and these solutions will be implemented.



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