Fourth Bridge to Hocazade Creek in Burhaniye

Hocazade Creek Fourth Bridge in Burhaniye: Burhaniye district of Balıkesir, which caused floods in the past years, destroyed the house at the mouth of the Hocazade Creek and the construction of the fourth bridge over the creek started. Mayor Necdet Uysal said that they took measures to prevent flooding.
Construction of the fourth bridge over the Hocazade Creek in the Iskele District by the Directorate of Science Affairs of Burhaniye Municipality was started. Necdet Uysal, the Mayor of the AKP, told that they worked for the prevention of floods in the past years, and said that the house, where the stream was connected to the sea, was demolished by expropriation of the house. 11 meters wide and 8 meter-length bridge will be completed in a short time President Necdet Uysal, ti In recent years, as well as the improvement of the municipality in the past years, along with the bridge over the creek was prevented a little floods. However, the main problem was the old building that was on the creek end. This building was causing the overflow of the river bed. Therefore, we have demolished and expropriated this house. Currently, we have started the construction of the fourth bridge over the creek. Şu



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