Bolu Tunnel Motorway Final Condition, Beware of Hidden Ice!

Bolu tunnel highway final situation: Snowfall on Bolu Mountain does not slow down. Transportation is difficult in the region… Snow falling on Bolu Mountain gives drivers a hard time.
6 cars, 2 trucks and 1 minibus crashed on the slippery road in Tünel area. An injured person was treated on an outpatient basis. Snow depth reached 100 cm on D 20 and Tem highway, where visibility is low.
“Highways teams continue their snow plowing and salting works. Due to snowfall in Nevşehir, the bus carrying tourists lay on its side. Tourists who survived the accident unscathed were evacuated from the trunk of the bus. Tourists took selfies after getting off the bus. An accident occurred in Kayseri due to heavy snowfall.
“The student service, which got out of control on the slippery road, rolled to the letterbox. 1 teacher and 8 students were injured. Drivers departing today may need to be more careful. It may cause hidden icing.




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