The bearers of the train hit this bear (Video)

Bearing the bear, the mechanics of the train had such fun: A mechanic who watched a bear entering the railroad, but did not slow down and watched the animal on the train, watched the images on the Internet.

In the Siberian region of Russia, near the town of Norilsk near the railway track a bear to see the bear is not slowing down and watching the animal under the train, the images are loaded against the internet mechanics who loaded the Internet.

According to RIA Novosti, the train's mechanics immediately began to see a bear running along the railroad.

As the animal ran along the rails, the mechanics did not intend to slow down the train, but they also laughed a lot while watching this landscape. According to the images at the end of the train under the bear, watching and viewing the event with the machine mechanics also uploaded these images to the Internet.

After the appearance of the images, two machinists were prosecuted for two years to persecute the animals.
For machines, 6 was charged up to a thousand dollars.

Those images left the animal lovers back.



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