Atatürk Airport 125 Equivalent to a Thousand Population

Atatürk Airport Equivalent to 125 Thousand Population: Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which welcomes 48 million passengers in the first ten months of this year, is no different from a medium-sized city. The number of employees with apron cards is 15 thousand at Atatürk Airport, where 832 million 32 thousand passengers in domestic and 113 million 40 thousand passengers in international flights pass in ten months.
The airport has a health center, patrol, hotel, art gallery, 24 hourly pharmacy, hairdresser, market and stores.
Atatürk Airport, which reached an average of 150 thousand people per day, broke the passenger record on October 3 and hosted 165 thousand 71 people. On the same day, 1326 aircraft landed and took off. The total building area of ​​the airport is 63 thousand square meters with 165 thousand 286 square meters domestic and 770 thousand 350 square meters international terminal.

There are 12 bridges and 96 check-in counters at the Domestic Terminal. There are 26 bridges and 224 check-in counters in the long rectangular International Terminal. Flights are made to 286 international and 42 domestic destinations. One thousand 690 security guards, 32 thousand police officers and one company gendarmerie in TAV Private Security also secure the 82nd city.
41 bin 500 food and beverage service is offered in the airport. 60 tons of vegetables and fruits, 50 tons of meat, 24 tons of chicken, 12 tons of pulses, 12 tons of coffee, 1.7 tons of tea, 600 tons of water and 300 tons of baked goods are consumed at the 28.1 points. In other words, an average of 1.6 tons of vegetables and fruits per day, 800 kg of meat and 400 kg of chicken are consumed per day.

In the first 8 months of the year, the sales volume of 'Turkish delight', which attracted great attention of Turkish expatriates as well as Russian and Arab tourists, is 513 tons. The number of forgotten items on the domestic and international lines of the airport is 81 per day and 2 thousand 400 per month.
At the terminals where 362 toilets are located, an average of 6 thousand 720 rolls of toilet paper and 260 liters of liquid hand soap are used. These figures are above the average of toilet paper consumed in Turkey. At the Domestic and International Terminal, an average of 700 thousand water is consumed annually and 2 thousand cubic meters of water per day. 750 organizations such as airline companies, ground handling companies, public and commercial institutions and representation surveillance companies provide services at the airport.
Atatürk Airport, where the total vehicle capacity of the car parks is 8 thousand 523, makes an average of 655 thousand vehicles in one month and 21 thousand 129 vehicles in one day. In addition, there are 553 vehicles, 1875 drivers and 76 cooperative employees within the Airport Taxis Cooperative.

Energy consumption of Atatürk Airport, which has its own trigeneration plant, is 360 thousand kWh per day and 132 million 500 thousand kWh per year. These data correspond to the amount of electricity used by a city of 125 thousand people.

Ataturk Airport, which is planned to be closed to scheduled flights after the 3rd airport is put into service, is being expanded in order to meet the conditions of the day. Following the arrangement of an additional 13 aircraft parking areas and taxiways put into service by DHMI on November 26, TAV will invest 75 million Euros to expand the international lines.
Meanwhile, the State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Directorate as of November 2014, according to data from the total air traffic at all airports in Turkey increased by 5.9 percent compared to the previous year, 95 thousand 878 rose. The number of passengers reached 10.8 million 11 thousand with an increase of 497 percent.

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