Aslı Nemutlu, the court in the case he took the decision to cancel

In the case of Aslı Nemutlu, that decision taken by the court was annulled: In the case regarding the death of the national skier Nemutlu, who fell and died during training at Erzurum Konaklı Ski Center, the court's discovery decision was once again canceled due to the absence of the expert committee.

Erzurum Asli national skier who lost his life during training with Turkey about Nemutlu death Ski Federation President Özer sober also among them the decision of exploration decision in the trial of 16 people, inform the expert's excuses and once was even canceled due to new expert can not be assigned.

At the hearing held at the Erzurum 4th Criminal Court of First Instance on September 16, 2014, a panel of experts was determined and it was decided to make an exploration on December 6, 2014, but a person from the delegation informed the court that he could not participate in the exploration due to their exams.

The court, which failed to obtain results from the meetings with the new experts, canceled the discovery again, as was the case after the defendant's lawyers' objection to the "refusal judge" on 21 January 2014.

Ahmet Metin Nemutlu, the father of the national skier Aslı Nemutlu, claimed that 8 experts from 25 universities have been reached so far, but some of them did not accept and some of them were under pressure.

Nemutlu stated that the case had been going on for more than two years, said:

“Are we going to bring an expert from abroad now? There is an expert after the smallest theft. The experts do not accept the assignment by not accepting the offer or being under pressure. The judge of the court is also overwhelmed. There has been no result in the lawsuit that has been going on for more than 2 years. In the past, the lawyers of the defendants prevented the exploration by demanding a 'denial judge'. Experts paradise that can not be found in the case of expert Asli in Turkey. Unfortunately we cannot make sense of it. "


National skier Aslı Nemutlu, Erzurum Konaklı planned in the central Alpine First Stage Competition prior to January 12, 2012 Women's Super-G Track in lost lives result of an accident while training, then President of Turkey Ski Federation events Ozer sober also A lawsuit was filed against 7 people, including him, for “causing death by negligence”, demanding imprisonment from 2 to 6 years. In the second indictment about the incident, 9 public officials were asked to be sentenced to imprisonment from 6 months to two years for "abuse of power".

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