Transportation in Ankara Was Grinded by Subway

Baskentray Suburban System Baskentray Stations and Map of Baskentray
Baskentray Suburban System Baskentray Stations and Map of Baskentray

Transportation in Ankara by metro has become a torment: The foundations of the first metron in Ankara were laid in 1984. At the point reached today, the metro reached a length of 55,5 kilometers in the capital. However, these metros have turned into cruelty for citizens.

Problems such as density, speed, number of wagons, elevators, escalators, flowing ceilings in metros are the victims. Citizens are afraid to use the subway because of these problems which are constantly complained and are not solved. From the Kizilay to the subway, sometimes moving up to 40 minutes, fish trip in the Çayyolu subway, troubles in transfer stations, low ring trips and compulsion for citizens, transform the metro journey into a pit. Especially in the Sincan-Batıkent subway, there is a 'transfer' sting. From Kizilay to Xinjiang, it can only be reached in over an hour. However, the same route as the bus can be taken in less time. Transport Planner Erhan Öncü, 'problem-solving' metron in Ankara, says that 'problem' form a identity. Noting that the problems of metros such as the number of wagons, number of passengers, speed, and transfer were correct before the EGO buses were removed or converted into a ring, Öncü added, hız Now the passengers suffer from both subway shortage, slow and crowded. He's ringing a ring. If he doesn't ride the ring, he gets a private public bus stop. If you need to be a system that solves the problem of the Metro in Ankara has become the problem itself.

Metro applications are an advanced mode of transportation that is used frequently in developed countries. The capital city of Ankara has a metro network even though it cannot compete with world capitals. 55,5 is a capital city of Ankara, the rail system with a mile length. However, the problems of the current subway does not end. Problems such as the slow metron, excessive human density, problems caused by ring voyages, the troubles of transfer from subway to subway, queues and bus transfers lead people to move away from it rather than using the subway.


30 March 2014 problems before the local selection of the Kızılay-Çayyolu subway opened, the citizens almost brought to the point of rebellion. Two large districts such as Çayyolu, Etimesgut and Sincan are transferred from Ümitköy station where they come from work and departure hours. The passengers transported to this station by transforming the EGO buses in Sincan and Etimesgut into a ring compete with each other to get to the metro. Thousands of people wandering into the subway at the three cars, are tired of the same torment every day. Stating that he used the subway every day, Ayhan Çiftçi said, “I use the Çayyolu-Kızılay Metro every day. Supposedly the subway is made but the car comes as 6 wagon not 3. Hundreds of people move from districts such as Sincan Etimesgut. An incredible confluence, a thrust of jealousy every day. One day we go to work in the morning of our Mayor Mr. Melih Gokcek come with his wife Umitköy stop demanding to ride. The survivor understands the suffering we experience. Yaş Similarly, there is a noticeable confluence on the way to Çayyolu in Kızılay.


23 bus line was lifted in Ankara at 32 August, and the route of 46 was changed to ring line. 'This application to direct people to public transport' has been converted to torture for the people of Ankara. Ringle metro, there was a shortage in the metro due to the intention of riding the vehicle, passengers could not use the EGO bus anymore. This situation most 'white buses' worked. Private public buses cannot catch passengers in districts where EGO buses are converted into rings. Due to the constant full-on buses, there are also those who use the metro. CHP Ankara deputy Levent Gök also the capital of the problem metro Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) by moving to the agenda, the metro's 'problem' argued that turns into. Gök said,. The Metro turned into a torment for the people of Ankara. Soru


The fact that the Ankara subways are slow is one of the issues that the citizens complain the most. In the Kizilay-Cayyolu subway, from the slow metro, 'Dear passengers, due to a technical fault, our vehicle is going to be slower than the determined speed' announcement is being made. From Kizilay to Sincan, Batikent transfer can be made at 1 hour, while this time 45 keeps on a regular bus journey. The arrival of the metros late, not moving before the end of Kızılay citizens are some of the issues they complain the most. It is stated that there are occasional discussions between citizens and security officials due to the late arrival of the subway in Kızılay, which is the point of convergence of all subways. In the past days because of the metro can not come full 40 minutes, many people are late for work, although many people printed a taxi from the subway and reportedly began to go by taxi.


Ankara, often referred to as the 'world capital', is incomparably 'metro poor' compared to Istanbul and other world capitals. The total rail system length in Ankara is 55,5 kilometers. There are currently more than one 250 rail tracks in Istanbul, except for many metro lines. London's capital London, 400 kilometers, the length of the rail system, the capital of France in Paris, the 214 mile rail system length. While the Japanese capital Tokyo's metro length is 330, the Berlin capital of Germany is 477 kilometers long.


The construction was started in 2001 and is being transported in the Sincan metro, which was opened just before the local elections. Passengers wanting to reach from Sincan to Kizilay or from Kizilay to Sincan are forced to change vehicles at Batikent station. Citizens, Kizilay and OSB stations can not travel without interruption. Passengers who want to reach Kızılay, change the vehicle in Batıkent station continues to travel. This application will continue until the end of the year.

In the evening, the residents of Etimesgut, Sincan, Eryaman and Elvankent are coming to the bus stop. Citizens forming long queues here are struggling to ride the bus without giving them the opportunity to wander together. Citizens sometimes complain of having to wait for the 20-25 minutes bus.

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