Bus and Subway in Ankara at Night Shift at New Year's Eve

Bus and Metro in Ankara overnight in the New Year: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate will serve until late hours by arranging additional flights for the New Year's Eve.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital of the new year to meet the need for transportation until late to take into account, will extend the working time of public transportation. 31 EGO buses will connect the 1 January to 02.00 January.
On the same night, the Ankara Metro will take its last flight from Kızılay to Batıkent and Çayyolu at 02.00. Metros will move from Sincan to Batıkent at 01.00, from Çayyolu and from Batıkent to Kızılay for the last time at 01.30.
The ring busses that serve at the metro stops will be in a coordinated manner after waiting for a while after the trains reach the station.
Ankaray will organize his last voyage in Dikimevi-AŞTİ at 01.50 and his last voyage from AŞTİ to Dikimevi at 01.30.
Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department will continue to carry out inspections with reinforcement teams in order to prevent the negative events that may occur during 31 December 2014 and 01 January 2015 and provide Ankara residents with a new year in peace and security.
The Presidency of the Department of Science will increase the measures to ensure that the roads will be open against icing and possible snowfall on roads, the New Year's Eve, Fire Department, City Aesthetics Department, ASKİ, EGO and Mavi Masa will continue its activities and also for the needs and complaints. will serve.

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