Ankara subway problem was going to solve the problem itself

Ankara subway problem was going to solve the problem itself: Transportation Planning Specialist Erhan Öncü, 'problem-solving' subway application in Ankara, 'problem' constitutes a identity that says. Pointing out to the inaccuracy of the applications that are not ready before the metros have reached its full capacity, Öncü said, ın The change of hands during the construction of the metro constructions and the hasty opening of the elections to catch the choice is one of the problems that arose today. In a country abroad, the metros could not be opened in this state. He would wait until he was literally ready and his trials would continue. A
As for the removal of bus lines and the transformation of some lines into the ring, Öncü said, “It seems to me that the municipality has abandoned its passengers to private public buses. Etimesgut, Sincan, Cayyolu remove the bus to Kizilay only private public buses to leave the way, it makes me think. However, this can only be done when the subways are completely free of existing transfers. Now passengers are both slow, crowded, attracting both metro shortages. He's ringing a ring. If the ring does not ride the public bus attracts a lot of public. Metro has become the problem itself in Ankara if you need to be a problem-solving system. Ası

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  1. Only Ankara metro? Similar problems are evident in almost all of them: MARMARAY, İZMİR metro, İZBAN and others ...
    These things do not happen with politics and singing!