Ankara-Istanbul second high-speed train project will be launched

Ankara-Istanbul second high-speed train project will be tendered: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that there is a second High Speed ​​Train line project that will shorten the duration of 3,5 hours between Ankara and Istanbul, “We have another project that will shorten this much more. A high-speed train that goes directly from Ankara to Istanbul, Eskişehir. In case of any candidate, we want to bid on the build-operate-transfer model, ”he said.

Elvan answered the questions of journalists while moving from Ankara to Konya by high-speed train to attend the 741th Vuslat Anniversary International Commemoration Ceremony of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi.

for even between Istanbul Kapıkule, Minister Elven, European Union countries in Turkey's standards is currently 5 countries stating that, "sung about high-speed train in other countries is not acceptable; for example, in Bulgaria, the high-speed train goes at 140 kilometers. In fact, the EU asked us to have 160 kilometers of Istanbul-Kapıkule high-speed train line, but we opposed it and said that it should be at least 200 kilometers. ”

Elvan said, “We will take the tender of the high-speed train between Istanbul and Kapıkule, we will go towards the end of 2015” and stated that there will be a direct connection with Europe in terms of the high-speed train line.

High-speed train infrastructure on the Bulgarian side saying that the worse the infrastructure in Turkey Elvan, Greece stated that an improved rail link, "will create a stronger infrastructure. "The transition to both Greece and Bulgaria will be by high-speed train."

- Second Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara YHT line

Minister Elvan reminded that the Ankara-Istanbul line is currently taking 3,5 hours, “We have another project that will shorten this much more. A high-speed train that goes directly from Ankara to Istanbul without stopping by Eskişehir. There is a distance of approximately 280 kilometers from Sincan, we anticipate 350 kilometers per hour. We would like to bid on the tender with the build-operate-transfer model if it is demanding. ”

Elvan 5-6 company by showing interest in the project so far, indicating that information Elvan, so that the distance between the two cities 1,5 hours, even 1 hours will fall to 15 minutes.

Elvan said, "If we have a suitor under the build-operate-transfer model, we can start in 2015," and said that the project can be completed by 2019.

- Istanbul-Konya line

Minister Elvan, the Istanbul-Konya high-speed train line will open today, said:

“This travel time is 10 hours by road and 13 hours by conventional lines; We reduce it to 4 hours and 15 minutes. There is a railway line length of 620 kilometers, but we will reduce it to less than 4 hours in the coming months. As of the end of January, we will gradually start rolling out trains that speed 300 kilometers per hour. The infrastructure of Konya is very suitable for 300 kilometers. ”

When asked about whether the free travel application for a week will be valid at the previous high speed train line openings of journalists, Elvan said, "We will wait, Mr. Prime Minister or our President may have such a message."

-Adana-Habur line

Reminding of the 2 km high-speed train line projects currently under construction, Elvan stated that one of them is the Habur route through Gaziantep from Gaziantep and Mardin from Gaziantep.

Elvan said, “We are going to tender for Adana-Gaziantep next year. Again, we are going to the tender for Gaziantep-Osmaniye and we will start the construction until the pedestrian Habur. Currently, some tunneling works related to high speed train are still going on in Gaziantep. The connection to Habur is one of our top priority projects, one of our busiest gates. This project, which connects Adana, Mersin and Gaziantep to Habur from there, is included in our 2015 investment program and is one of the projects we will start building. ”

Elvan stated that they intend to complete the end date of the high-speed train to Habur at the end of 2015, if it started in 2018.

- “Freight transportation will be done by high-speed trains”

Lütfi Elvan pointed out that high-speed and high-speed trains are the locomotives in the development of the country and said, “We think only in terms of passengers. When we introduce the high speed trains, there will be an incredible increase in the competitiveness of our companies because freight transportation will now be done by high speed trains. Transportation will be provided by high-speed train from Central Anatolia to the Mediterranean. Transportation to the Black Sea by high-speed train will be provided. The advantage of this is that there will be a very serious cost reduction in transportation. ”

Emphasizing the importance of this for operators, Elvan stated that in addition to spreading high speed trains, logistics centers will be increased in this context. Noting that they have established a logistics center in Konya, Elvan said that there are 6 logistics centers across the country and 14 of them are still working.

- “The second line from Ankara to Istanbul will be very advantageous and profitable”

Emphasizing that they have started to focus more on railway investments, Elvan stated that they will invest 1 billion lira in 2014 and 7,5 billion lira in 2015 with an increase of 8,5 billion dollars every year.

Elvan 2016 targets to exceed 10 billion, the weight of more railway sector, said they directed.

Minister Elvan, on a question of journalists, said:

“I think it is very advantageous and profitable, directly from Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line. In the feasibility we have, an investment of roughly 4,5 billion dollars appears. Wherever you look, tens of thousands of people travel from Ankara to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Ankara. Every day, 12 thousand passengers travel on this line by plane. 5 thousand passengers travel by high-speed train. According to one study, more than 100 thousand citizens per day and 200 thousand according to the other travel between Ankara-Istanbul, Istanbul-Ankara by bus and private vehicles. I think it would be feasible for investors on the Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara line if we currently carry 50 passengers daily. ”


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