The road in Altindere National Park will be expanded

The road will be expanded in the Altindere National Park: The ski resort to be built in Cakirgol, Trabzon. The fact that the road will be spent in the Altındere Valley National Park, which also includes the Sümela Monastery, attracts great reaction from the environmentalists.
While 21 km of the road will be 2.230 km in total, it is stated that it passes through the National Park and hundreds of trees in the studies outside the region increase the concern of environmentalists. However, the fact that the region is both a protected area and located within the National Parks makes the job of the highways difficult.
Altındere Valley National Park in the extension of the road related to the work of the Highway 1 years ago applied to the Nature Conservation Board, but the project; 1 from the region. the National Parks, which are responsible for the degree of national parks, was rejected.
At this point the project related to Nature Conservation and National Parks 12. Regional Directorate of the Trabzon Branch Directorate of correspondence with the road from this institution to participate in the project 13 substance was presented. With the addition of these items to the project, permission alliance report was obtained. While this report is sent to the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, approval of the General Directorate is required for the construction of the road.
Forest and Water Works 12. Regional Director Musa Bulut said, ür Our Regional Directorate Trabzon Branch Directorate has been put into effect after being approved on the date of the UDGP 17.04.2014 of Altındere Valley National Park. Long Term Development Plan 4. Under the Bölge Plan Decisions ları heading, Doğa In order to preserve the natural topography which is one of the resource values ​​of the area in the park area, transportation should be made with the existing roads, but in case of technical necessities, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, the Regional Commission for the Preservation of Natural Assets and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage The Board of Directors can take care of maintenance, repair, expansion and new road works. The General Directorate of Highways intends to expand the Çakırgöl Tourism Center road (within the 2.230km section of the National Park Conduct of Administration to the roadway of Agia Barbara). Part of the mentioned road project is located in the archaeological site and natural protected area and it can be allowed to be done in case the appropriate opinion is obtained from the Regional Commission for the Preservation of Natural Assets, the Regional Board for the Preservation of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the General Directorate of DKMP ar.
Çakırgöl Turiz Center road to the completion of the first stage of the work that draws the Cloud, “Cakırgöl Tourism Center way from Maçka to Çakırgöl Tourism Center is the way Çak
The first stage between the Sümela Monastery and Çakırgöl Tourism Center on the road of Çakırgöl Tourism Center is in Km: 0 + 000-10 + 315,56 km. (Mülga) The permission of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forestry has been issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on 11.20.2010. Directorate of 10.The Department was awarded the tender and road construction work was completed.

The work to be carried out in the second stage is to widen the existing road within the borders of Altındere Valley National Park between the kilometers of the Virgin Mary-Sümela Monastery Ayrım Provincial Road (Km: 0 + 000-2 + ​​229.35). The part to be expanded is located in the middle of Çakırgöl Tourism Center Road. The road in question remains within the archaeological and natural site, ”he said.
Noting that the current road is upright,
Ur The present road is an asphalt road, which runs along the Meryemana Stream, with two bridges on the creek, where there are steep and sharp bends and the road width is 4-6 m. Due to the narrow and sharp bends in the existing road, traffic congestion is experienced especially during the summer season and fatal accidents are experienced due to the lack of standards. Cakirgol Tourism Center road to reach the highlands in the road in question because of the use of excessive summer season, excessive season, winter season due to snow and icing is very serious difficulties in transportation kon he said.
Bulut continued his words as follows:
“2 + 230 Km. For the purpose of road expansion work in the section, the Highways 10. In accordance with the National Parks Law no. 2873, 6552 No. 90. In accordance with the article 6831 / 17 of the Forest Law numbered 3 and the permission given for free of charge, our Regional Directorate approved the permission and sent the permission report to our General Directorate.

It was learned that the institution that will allow road expansion works in the region is the Directorate General of National Parks for Natural Life Conservation. In the interviews with the regional directorate, it was stated that the permission alliance report was given with 13 condition. This 13 condition for the construction of the road is listed as follows:
Içinde - No excavation - filling can be made in the National Pak which will change the natural topographic structure of the land. Wastes such as rubble, slag, litter, rust material cannot be discarded and poured.
- During road repair and maintenance work, no action can be taken against the vegetation topography, destroying the silhouette effect. It is essential to protect the natural structure in all kinds of activities.
- Road maintenance and repair works are checked on-site by the technical staff of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs (Nature Conservation and National Parks) 12th Regional Directorate, Trabzon Branch Directorate, and the information and documents requested about the relevant work are provided by the permit holder.
- During road widening and improvement works, trees cannot be cut except trees based on the extraordinary revenue felling report. Wildlife cannot be destroyed.
- Ecological balance cannot be frozen, all activities that will pollute the environment are avoided, after the completion of the construction, excavation wastes cannot be left on the site, explosive materials cannot be used and natural structure restoration is carried out.
- It is necessary to make the retaining walls as masonry (rubble stone wall) from natural materials, to design ecological transitions suitable for the area and to make landscaping arrangements for possible things that will come to light in order not to affect wildlife along the retaining walls.
- There will be no extension work on the bedrock where the Sümela Monastery is located. No explosive substances will be used in excavation works under any circumstances.
- Necessary precautions should be taken to prevent any harmful substances from entering the stream during excavation - filling - retaining construction, especially on the stream side, and not to narrow the stream bed along the route.
- Under no circumstances can materials be taken from the National Park area, under no circumstances excavation, rubble etc. wastes can be left in the field.
Except for the 2 pocket points included in the project, the road width cannot be applied more than 6 + 2 m.
- All kinds of activities such as quarries and sand quarries that threaten the ecosystem and geomorphological structure cannot be carried out within the National Park area.
- It is mandatory to have an expert staff (Biologist, Forest Engineer etc.) in order not to damage the endemic flora and fauna during the road widening work.
- Any activity that will change the quality of water and cause any kind of pollution in any water environment is prohibited. No excavation or filling can be made in water resources to change the natural nature of the water polluting.
However, despite these conditions, it is not known whether the General Directorate of Natural Life Conservation and National Parks will allow the subject. After the review of the Directorate General's permission to allow the subject of the study will begin to be expressed.



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