Pendolino will be Alstom's trump card

Alstom's trump card will be Pendolino: French train manufacturer Alstom introduced the Pendolino model, which TCDD will present to the tender for 90 high-speed trains in Poland. If Turkey will receive the tender companies that invest more than 80 million euros, continuing the search for partners to set up factories.

French Alstom, one of the world leaders in rail system production, will enter TCDD's 90 high-speed train tender with the Pendolino model, which it has achieved success in many countries. Poland's first high-speed train tender with Pendolino kazanThe moment the company introduced this ambitious model in Warsaw. Alstom Global Outlines and Locomotives Product Director Jaime Borrell said, “We attach great importance to TCDD's tender. It will be the biggest tender we will participate in with the Pendolino model. KazanWe are going to make big investments in Turkey," he said.

Alstom's Pendolino trains, which will be the first high-speed train in Poland, have been put into operation recently. Pendolino trains will run on existing lines, operated by PKP Intercity, connecting the main cities of Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw. PKP Pendolino trains consist of seven vehicles, can carry up to 402 passengers. All of the vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, passenger information on LED screens, tables and sockets for each passenger, high luggage capacity and bicycle transport systems. The graphic design and colors of the train were designed by the Polish designer maradDesign in collaboration with Alstom's Center for Design and Style. Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the aerodynamic front end that includes the crash-absorbing system. The company, which will participate in TCDD's 90-train high-speed train tender with this model, therefore hosted the Turkish press at the opening held in Warsaw.

Alstom Transport, operating in approximately 60 countries around the world, offers railway vehicles, infrastructure information systems, services and turnkey solutions. The signatories to the project so far, more than a hundred companies in Turkey, Turkey has made engineering base for Middle East and African markets. All signaling and turnkey system projects in the Middle East and Africa are offered, project management, design, procurement, engineering and service services from Istanbul. significant investments were made in the last two years this market by making the regional center of Turkey. Nearly 200 new jobs were created. Alstom, the company continues its quest to establish a factory in Turkey.

Assertive in maintenance-repair service

as well as other rail projects in Turkey in 2015, indicating that TCDD focused on the high-speed train tenders, Alstom Global Rail System Project Manager Jaime Borrell said they were hopeful about it. Emphasizing that there are three areas where Alstom makes a difference to competitors, Borrell said: “We always try to be very close to the customer. We have had relations with Poland for 17 years. Our existence in Italy has been going on for 30 years. We don't just sell the product and withdraw. We prefer to stay close to the customer. While thinking about the project, we make a presentation considering the entire usage period and we produce solutions. We follow a reasonable spending policy and a price that includes the maintenance and all related expenses during the entire period of use of the train. We have been dealing with high speed trains for a very long time. For this reason, we know that the important thing for its users is not only the purchase price, but also the 40-year usage period that comes after it. We are able to pay a low usage fee during this entire lifetime. We are trying to project the most comfortable train possible for the end user. Our main goal is to ensure that the satisfaction of the people getting on the train is at the highest level, and that they are happy with their experience. ”

Special design for the market

TCDD tender of attention will be the largest tender in one piece for Pendolino model Borrell, "the trend we receive, we will produce a very large part of the tender in Turkey. The parts we use every day are starting to be more compatible with each other. Therefore, when participating in a new tender, we make a composition according to the market there and the conditions requested from us there. We are also assertive about maintenance and repair ”.

Pendolino trains run in 14 country

Alstom officials summarized the characteristics of Pendolino trains as follows: “Designed for cruising at speeds up to 250 km / h and optimized for both high speed and conventional lines, Pendolino has been sold to be operated in 14 countries around the world. It currently crosses the border of seven European countries. This range of trains has been designed to provide excellent passenger comfort and uninterrupted international travel. Modularity and flexibility are key to success. Pendolino can be tailored exactly to the need, from interior layout to vehicle number, voltage power supply, train width, track gauge and suspension. Pendolino can also be configured for operation in extreme climatic conditions up to 45 ° and -45 ° C. ”

Became the only company in Poland to meet the requirements

The trains put into service in Poland include the contract for 2011 high-speed trains signed with PKP Intercity in 20, the complete maintenance of the fleet for up to 17 years, and the construction of a new maintenance warehouse in Warsaw, with a value of 665 million euros. “With the commissioning of these trains, Alstom consolidated the success of the Pendolino, one of the best-selling high-speed trains in the world,” said Andreas Knitter, Senior Vice President of Alstom Transport Europe. Speaking to WORLD, PKP Administrator Marcin Celejewski. Stating that dozens of companies applied for the high-speed train tender, Alstom competed in the tender with strong competitors such as Siemens and Bombardier. But kazanThe moment was Alstom. Only the result of Alstom was attractive to us. However, until the end of the tender, these companies were eliminated one by one. When we came to the selection stage, only Alstom remained in the tender,” he said.

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