Aladag Tourism Region as Pending

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

While Aladağ, located in Derbent district of Konya, is expected to be declared as a tourism region, which is the first step to become a Winter Sports Center, ski lessons on the snow-covered slopes of the mountain began to be given before the facilities were built.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar in Turkey Ski Federation Konya Provincial Representative and ski coach began to take ski lessons in the elegant Lightning Aladag. Mayor Acar, who came to the 800-meter slopes of the mountain, wore his ski suits and skied for the promotion of the region.

Even though he is an 54 year old, he emphasized that he could easily take ski lessons. Orman We had a great time skiing on pine forests and a thousand 800 meters. I would like to invite all the residents of Konyalı to enjoy this skiing experience here. In order not to be deprived of these beauties and skiing pleasure, our citizens of Konyali have brought here a prefabricated facility with hall, kitchen and toilets. Here they will be able to drink their teas, warm up and relax with the pleasure of skiing. Burada


Stating that skiing can be done easily without making more ski slopes in Aladağ, Acar pointed out that the quality of the snow in the region can provide this opportunity even without being compressed. We know that all Konyans are looking forward to the completion of these facilities. I hope our Prime Minister in the next month, they have knowledge of themselves, we have evolved the file, we will supply them. Aladağ tourism center will be declared by the decision of the Council of Ministers. And this region will gain a very serious acceleration hopefully. In 2015, our facilities, ropeway and other services, runway will be made. Hopefully we expect all of Konya and even our capital to ski here. We want everyone to see this beauty şt.


Mayor Acar, Konya's Winter Sports Center to be implemented in the work carried out in the scope of the ski center project to be implemented in Aladag, the first stage of a new runway will be done, stating, ın We already have three runways. The first stage starts at a thousand 700 meters, a thousand 800 meters are finding that beginner with a length of 900 meters. After that, in the thousand 100-bin 200 meters, there are the master track and the tracks for the professionals. We also have runways in parallel with each other over a 10 kilometer. So here our hillsides are covered with natural, natural vegetation. What we call Geven, the free plant structure here, the snow is very nice. Therefore, both the quality of the abdomen, the profit-holding event, the slope of the feed slopes, here are very nice runway areas. It is possible to ski in a natural environment without even having to make any runways without compressing. It will not only provide 3-4 moon skiing services, but will also provide paragliding, mountain biking, mountaineering, treeking and hiking in the other months of the year to off-road enthusiasts. There will be congress centers. Our businessmen are waiting for this because they are encouraged by the state and they will be able to make 2015 starred accommodation easily. Teşvik


Turkey Ski Federation Konya Provincial Representative of The Elegant Lightning, Konya in the development of the sport of skiing and ski pressed the button for the dissemination of the Center said he expects the project to be implemented.

He also added that the trainings for students and others in Konya are only one of these activities. Yıldırım said, S Both MÜSİAD and Konyaspor officials and the leading people in Konya are in close contact with us about skiing. We're seeing, hopefully next week hopefully Allah will have a contract with Konyaspor. We are planning to start skiing with Konyaspor in Konya. It would be better for our Konya already. Şimd

Konya to be talked also named in the near future ski industry Konya should have a ski resort, explaining that it for the work carried out Lightning, "the absence of Konya in plants, these branches will be put forward one more step Konya in Turkey . We have accelerated the necessary infrastructure works related to this, we can provide the guarantee that we will grow very nice athletes from Konya in front of us. Because last year, we have a child with xnumx'inc championships in Turkey in this regard. We have a good work on this, in the future we will see it all together, Bun he said.


Aladağ'ın in terms of the facility equivalent to Uludag, or even more of the voices of the Yildirim, Aladag'in the biggest feature, the mountain height equal to Uludag, 2 bin 385 meter mountain height is. One of our tracks is our northern runway, which is the most preferred, most sought-after runway direction in the world. This is also present in Derbent Aladağ, and when we look at the length of the runway, we get a total runway length of 15 kilometers, which is an extremely suitable distance for Alpine skiing and northern discipline. One of the biggest increases of Derbent is that snow thickness is sufficiently suitable, the snow feature on the floor has crystal and powder snow structure. As it is known, crystal snow is the type of snow which provides the most efficient way of skiing. We have provided this here, with its proximity to Konya, which has a distance of 50 kilometers, which is one of the most important features of a city center which is close to the ski resort. There are most suitable potential for. We have offered in our interview we did with the Ministry of Development that specifications like it's another indication that there is in Turkey, it would say here very clearly, "he said.