Aladağ Tourism Center Project Will Add Value To Our City

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Aladag Tourism Center Project will add value to our city: Derbent Governor Arif Oltulu, Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, Seydisehir Mayor Mehmet Tutal, Yunak Mayor Abdullah Emre Demirhan and Derbent Platform members made a visit to MÜSİAD Konya Branch. Committee

MUSIAD Konya Branch President, who gave a salute speech after the dinner. Lütfi Şimşek said, ler We, as MÜSİAD Konya Branch, continue our activities in consultation with all the dynamics of our city, to determine the needs of our city with all the opinion leaders of our city and to continue our activities at the point of supplying these needs. As Konya, we must act as the whole city in order to realize our 2023 billion-dollar export target, which is put into practice by the economic actors of our city in line with the vision of 15, and to spread the economic growth to all points of our city. We, as MÜSİAD Konya Branch, continue our activities in this direction. We are in constant contact with the leaders of the city and the business world in order to develop our region in a wide range including the surrounding provinces and districts. In this sense, 15 performed last week. We have participated to MÜSİAD International Fair as a Konya Branch with 22 company and we have been contributing to the companies of Konyalı to create new markets. We also bring trade and procurement committees from abroad to our city and make efforts to establish bilateral business meetings and establish new business contacts with our businessmen in Konyalı hey.

Arif Oltulu, the district governor of Derbent, who spoke after President Şimşek said, me Konya continues its journey without sacrificing its core values, beliefs and culture while it is globalizing with the momentum it has caught in industry. What we can do for Derbent, how we can create a center of attraction in the form of constant consultation. Under the leadership of our municipality, we are working on Aladağ Tourism Center Project where important steps have been taken. We have made significant progress in our project. At the same time, we are working to introduce our district which is also suitable for highland tourism and to implement our project in full, anlam he said.

Afterwards, the Mayor of Derbent Hamdi Acar said, orum I would like to thank you on behalf of our platform because of your hospitality and the support you have provided since the first stage of our project. MUSIAD Konya Branch, Aladag Tourism Center Our project was the first to listen and has been an institution that has been supporting every issue from the beginning. Every year, you have organized your picnic organization for your members in Derbent this year and you have contributed to the promotion of our city and keeping our project on the agenda. We aimed to make ski tourism, highland tourism and congress tourism together with our Aladağ Tourism Center Project and thus become the center of attraction of our district. With the realization of our project, our citizens of KONYAN will not have to go to other cities for the holiday and our Konya will gain a new added value. We have made important progress in our project. We also believe that our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will be very interested in this project and we will continue to support our esteemed private sector representatives. Baş

Seydişehir Mayor Mehmet Tutal said, AD MÜSİAD is one of the institutions that is a school in Konya. MUSIAD Konya Branch has a word to say about all matters related to Koya. I, too, joined the platform upon the invitation of our esteemed Chairman Mr. Hamdi Bey and we support the project as Seydişehir. The completion of the project is not just for Derbent; It is also important for all districts of Konya. Our guests who want to make a holiday to Derbent will also want to visit other districts and thus our tourism potential will increase and our city will gain a new added value ler.

Yunak Mayor Abdullah Emre Demirhan said, ılan Some projects may seem like a dream to people, but a step taken for the project shows that this is not a dream. Although this project may seem like a dream in the beginning, if we look at the current situation and the steps taken, we hope that an example of the Erciyes Ski Center or Uludağ Ski Center can be seen in our city. I would like to thank all those who work, follow and take responsibility for the project. I would also like to thank MUSIAD Konya Branch for their support to Aladag Tourism Center Project. Ala