Aktas Ski Resort Renewing

Renewal of Aktas Ski Resort: In the Ahlat district of Bitlis, the renovation of the Aktaş Ski Resort, which is highly appreciated by the people from different cities as well as the surrounding cities and districts, is under way.

Renovation works are underway for the Aktaş Ski Resort, which has been idle for years, to be modernized and used more actively. It is aimed to increase the current ski track distance to the 800 meter by the works of Ahlat District Governorate and to present it to the public by making teleskies suitable for today's technology. Ahlat District Governor's office in the statement made about the subject; . Renovation works of the ski center located in Aktaş area of ​​our district were started. In the previous years, the use of the ski resort, which is opened to the use of our people and the great interest of our people, the District Governor Bülent Tekbıyıkoğlu'nun attempts to renew the work to be used more modern and more active. In the ski resort, which was discovered by the technical staff from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, it is thought that the current ski track distance will be increased to 800 meters in addition to the daily accommodation for the citizens who will go to skiing. In addition, today's technology to be made in accordance with the teleski to serve our people in a short time is intended to be served.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:54

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