Subcontracted workers block road in Adıyaman

Subcontracted workers in Adıyaman closed the road: In Adıyaman, subcontracted workers working at the 87th Branch Office of Highways made action by traffic on the Adıyaman-Kahta highway, claiming that they were not included in the staff despite the court decision.
The group of 10 employees of the Directorate of Highways Branch Office closed the highway to traffic to protest that they were not included in the afternoon. Speaking on behalf of workers who do not allow vehicle passage and want to comply with the court decision, Ramazan Güneş said, “Although we have a court decision for 3 years, the AKP government insists on not giving our staff. We will take action every day until we get this right. ”
After about half an hour of labor, the workers returned to their positions and opened the road for transportation.


📩 24/12/2018 16:20

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