There are also tram projects in Cyprus

There is also a tram project in Cyprus: The Minister of Public Works and Transport Hasan Taçoy stated that new plans to relieve public transport will start at 2015 and there is also a tram project among the projects.
According to a statement made by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Taçoy said that today, in addition to public transportation, other alternatives will be on the agenda.
Indicating that they have work on traffic and passenger transportation, Taçoy said, “We hope to make separate surprises to you and our people in the coming days. Our projects are continuing. We continue our activities not only for bus transportation but also for different transportation, Sadece he said.
Taçoy stated that there is a tramway system between the project works and that studies have been carried out to put this project into practice.
In a statement from the ministry, the project will take place at the 2105 project for the construction of the tram, which is a rail system. For this purpose, a technical team from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is currently working on feasibility studies with Halil Sakallı, the Project Manager of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in the TRNC.
In the statement, "the result of the feasibility studies will be given to the ministry of the rail system in the country will be waiting for the approval of the tram to be found," the statement said.



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