There are two more trains in Izmir Metro

Two more train sets are coming to Izmir Metro: 10 train sets consisting of 2 wagons ordered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be used in the expanding metro system were completed in the factory in China. The new wagons will cross the ocean and reach the city in 1.5 months.

Izmir Metro, which carries an average of 350 thousand passengers a day, adds two more train sets consisting of 10 wagons completed in the factory in China.

The new subway trains that will depart these days will reach the city with a tough transoceanic journey that will take about 1.5 months. Thus, the number of wagons in the metro system, which currently serves 77 vehicles, will increase to 87. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the preparations for the new tender, which will double the train fleet.

Evka 3, Ege University-Kampüs.İzmirspor, Hatay, Göztepe, Poligon and Fahre ttin Altay stations, but the passenger capacity and vehicle need to be added to the fleet of Izmir metro 85 will add new vagor to the fleet. 5 will be open to all investors nationally and internationally on 17. With the 17 set to be delivered in 2014 months after the contract, the Izmir metro 26 will serve with a giant fleet of vehicles.

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