With the Customs Regulation Amendment of the Last 10 Years KazanMoney is Wasted in a Pen

With the Customs Regulation Amendment of the Last 10 Years KazanTransactions are Wasted in One Pen: International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers Association, International Forwarders Association, Istanbul Customs Brokers Association, Turkish Exporters Assembly, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Independent, in order to evaluate the effects of the changes made in the Customs Regulation and the Notification of Authorized Customs Brokerage on the sectors. Officials of the Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association met in Istanbul.
UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, UND Chairman Çetin Nuhoğlu, İGMD Board Chairman Turhan Gündüz, President of TIM Logistics Council Bülent Aymen, Vice Chairman of MÜSİAD Logistics Sector Board Hasan Özgür Yarmalı and İTO Council Member Ali Bakaner attended the meeting after the meeting. press release.
Last 10 Years KazanBooks are Wasted in a Pen!
• Cancellation of the existing collateral system in the warehouses and the transition to the collateral system in the amount of the taxes of the goods and making the warehouse opening difficult.
• Duties of the Authorized Customs Brokers working in the warehouses have been canceled and transferred to customs officers as before;
• Prohibition of the placement of containers brought to the port into another temporary storage and fueling to the warehouses under the warehouse regime,
Recent changes in customs legislation and practices will severely damage our foreign trade and make the 2023 targets impossible.
The Change in the Warehouse Coverage System will Impact Country Trading!
With the cancellation of the existing mağ lump sum en system in the warehouses, the members of the warehouse operating the warehouse will suffer great grievances. In the existing system, the collaterals given by the warehouse operators are not sufficient, but the increase of the said guarantees will increase the operating costs of the warehouses and will create additional bureaucratic procedures.
Insufficient Capacity and Conditions of State's Temporary Storage Locations!
216 General Warehouse in Istanbul has a total area of ​​approximately 1 Million Mill. The goods that cannot be placed in the warehouses that cannot meet the guarantee amount will only have to be placed in the temporary storage places of the state which is limited to the 20 1 Thousand square meters in 50 and which are in extremely poor conditions, the handling and transfer operations are not made under any insurance protection, due to the situation;
• There will be big losses and waiting in import and export transactions,
• There will be a big decline in transportation sector, it will be difficult to carry physically and job losses will occur.
Demonstration of the Suiistimals as Authorized Customs Brokers Is it correct?
When it is considered that the customs officers who are under the supervision of the customs officers at all times cannot be prevented by the customs officers, it is wrong to put all the offense on the Authorized Customs Brokers. Considering that the supervision and oversight authority of the customs administrations is always present, reducing the two separate control mechanisms and giving these jobs to ın insufficient number as customs officers will cause serious delays in the country's trade, and the country's economy will suffer.
The Kyoto Convention on Simplification and Facilitation of Customs Transactions is Violated!
One of the main objectives of the isi Revised Kyoto Agreement on the Simplification and Facilitation of Customs Procedures olduğ which our country is a party to is the ve equilibrium facility between the requirements of safety and security measures and the facilitation of trade mas is excluded and the contract to which our country is a party is violated.
10. Applications that infringe the development plan come into force!
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced 6 2014 10 2014. Development Plan 2018-1 XNUMX of Priority Transformation Programs. Package ";
• Accelerating customs transactions with neighboring countries and other countries where our foreign trade is located,
• Increasing the physical and human capacities of customs,
• Promotion of information technologies in customs,
• Structuring of logistics companies to manage the supply chain with modern warehousing approach
• Efforts to reduce the costs of the logistics sector and shorten the processing times by public institutions and organizations in the logistics sector,
• Supporting R & D and innovation activities with the use of technology by logistic companies,
assigns its duties to the Ministry of Customs and Trade. However, when looking at recent changes; An application that is diametrically opposed to the Development Plan is being created and great damage is done to our country's efforts to become a logistics base.
The World Bank's Global Logistics Performance Index in the General Ranking and Customs Performance will be a Great Decline!
2010 published 39 in the overall ranking in the Index. Our country, 2014. He's up in line. The visionary projects carried out in the field of pay Customs “have a big share in this success. 30 in the last 3 Index in the customs area of ​​our country. Ordinary 46. Rising to the queue is proof. However, with the recent amendments to the Customs Legislation and its implementation;
• Both our customs clearance and our country's overall ranking will decline,
• Turkey's efforts to become a “logistics base em will be harmed
• Eliminate all remedial action taken in the customs area to date.
The whole sector cannot be punished because of violations made by a few companies!
The fact that the infringements made by several companies in the recent period and the entire sector is subject to the whole sector constitutes another dimension of the injustice. With only about a few abuses in the 6,5 Million Warehouse Declaration and the Free Circulation Entry Declaration, all the sector is brought to grave victimization, creating an environment where everyone is punished without discriminating guilty and innocent.
Increased Physical Control Rates in Customs Danger to Trade in Turkey!
In the 1996, our country's commitment to the revision of the customs administrations is N not to exceed the 5 and 15 in imports, while the ratio of physical control in exports will not exceed 85 ”. In an environment where highly modern and electronic risk analyzes are carried out, effective control practices cannot be operated and the rate of physical control to reach% XNUMX in violation of the objectives of trade harms the commercial life.
The Future of Foreign Trade and 2023 Year Goals are at Risk!
In order to achieve the targets of 2023 Billion Dollars for the year 500 of our country and to continue the export-based growth model of our government, it is not possible to implement the practices that will harm our country's foreign trade due to several cases. it is important to reach a solution with the common mind about the threatening elements.

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