The fate of Kars and the Silk Railway

The fate of Kars and the Silk Railway: I experienced sadness and joy together while wandering around the beautiful streets of Kars, where my childhood passed. I was saddened to see the freak buildings rising from among the stone buildings built with the beautiful Baltic architecture left by the Russians and the incompatibility of the new construction - like TOKI buildings - with the old city. It has nothing to do with the old Kars.

But there are also gratifying developments. Above all, protecting historical monuments. The state does very well in this field. The restoration of the area where Hasan Harakani is located and the maintenance of the 12 Apostles Church are the first things that stand out. There are also those made by the private sector, which are worth seeing. The old Russian houses, which have been decreasing in number in recent years, are restored and turned into hotels.

The first example of this was the Kar's Hotel. Hotel Sertikov has now been added to it. Even the external appearance of the building is enough to impress people. The stone rooms on the upper floors, the meeting room in the garden, the stove and the small restaurant with the fireplace are fascinating.

These steps are important for Kars, but there is still no excitement or spirit in Kars. However, Kars' near future does not necessitate such despair. Because when the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, in other words the Silk Railway Line, is finished, a trade revolution will take place that will affect the world. Kars will be the center of that revolution. Let's just say this. In the medium term, 3 million tons of cargo and 1.5 million passengers will be transported annually through Kars. Infrastructure work has already begun for the logistics center, which will have an area of ​​300 thousand square meters. A businessman from Kars, who lives in Istanbul, draws attention to an interesting point: “Kars will be the attraction center of the region.

It is time to invest in Kars. "
When I heard this expectation, I remembered the "Kars for Sale" news from the 90s. From where to where. I wonder if the business world and those who manage Kars see the future Kars?

There is another point to be seen:
Kars and Ardahan are provinces very close to Russia. When I went to Ardahan a few years ago, the Rector of Ardahan University made the following call: “Russia is the country that consumes the most chicken in the world. I am calling out to our businessmen, come here, establish chicken facilities. "

I don't know if anyone listened to this call, but look at what happened now; Currently, chickens cannot be raised in Russia. Would it be bad if this was done in Kars or Ardahan?

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