The ground is ready in the second snow in Saklıkent ski center

The ground is ready at the Saklıkent ski center and the second snow is the second snowfall: The snowfall effective in Saklıkent Ski Center prepared the ground for the ski slopes. Skiers are now waiting for the runway to form with the second snowfall.

Stating that the first snowfall is not enough for skiing, Saklıkent ski center officials stated that the track will be made ready for skiing after the next rainfall. Emphasizing that the first snowfall forms the ground on the ski slopes every year and the compression process is completed with the next snowfall, Saklıkent management said, “With the second rainfall, the construction equipment will enter the track and the compression process will be done. The ground has reached perfection with the first snow falling. Now we expect the second rain to come as soon as possible, ”they said.

While the snow thickness in the area where the hotels and facilities were located reached up to 10 centimeters, the thickness of the runway was limited to 5 centimeters.


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