Lodosun latest victim was Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm

Lodosun latest victim was Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm: silkworm was Turkey's first indigenous tram also produced in Bursa southwest wind's latest victim. Effective in Bursa and exceeding 70 kilometers per hour, southwest wind continues to negatively affect daily life.

While severe lodos with kette effect caused many roofs to fly, it also knocked down many trees. Lodosun latest victim was Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm.

Starting at night and continuing its effect in the morning, lodos distributes Bursa almost like cotton wool. On the route the silkworm passed, a breakdown occurred as a result of an advertising canvas breaking off and falling on the tram. After the advertising canvas fell on the tram, the mechanism (pantograph) that provided the electric current to the tram broke. Upon the break of the pantograph, the tram was stranded in front of Demirtaşpaşa bus stops.

After about two hours of work, the rear wing was pushed by another tram, and was taken to the care center for repair. In the rescue operation, a trolley pushed the rear of the trolley, while two vehicles took front and rear vehicles. Meanwhile, dozens of people stopped by the tram.

Hayri Balaban, a local tradesman, stated that the fault was caused by the effect of the wind and said, “With the effect of the wind, the tent canvas fell on the electric wires and caused the tram to deteriorate. He's been waiting here for about two hours. " He spoke in the form.



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