Make your way to Cigli State Hospital

Make the way to Çiğli State Hospital: Bilal Doğan, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, brought the connection road of Çiğli State Hospital to the agenda in the first meeting of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in December.
Bilal Doğan, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, stated the following at the meeting:
“With the great contribution, effort and support of Turkey's longest-serving, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and AK Party İzmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım and AK Party İzmir Deputies. kazanÇiğli State Hospital, which will be one of the most modern hospitals in Turkey and will operate under the General Secretariat of the Northern Public Hospitals Association, is planned to be opened in the first quarter of 2015. 150 million TL will be allocated to the construction of the hospital. The hospital in question is a structure consisting of 68 blocks with a total closed area of ​​659 thousand 2 square meters on a land of 70 thousand 197 square meters.
The hospital, which will serve with a bed capacity of 517, has 405 service beds and 112 intensive care beds. All of these beds are in rooms for 1 and 2 people, with their own bathroom and toilet. It will include 112 polyclinic rooms, 18 surgery rooms, 2 angio units, cardiovascular surgery centers, chemotherapy units, physical therapy centers, endoscopy units, 17 device capacity dialysis center, 17-bed burn treatment center, organ transplant center. With this infrastructure, the hospital is expected to use a minimum of 6 outpatient clinics, 500 thousand emergency services, and an average of 15 citizens, along with the accompanying persons. The parking lot capacity of the hospital is around 500 vehicles. ”
Considering the service potential of Çiğli State Hospital and considering the opening date, he pointed out that there is a need for some arrangements for landscaping, junction works on the connection roads and signalisations and pedestrian access. Iğ There are 100 meters between Anadolu Caddesi and the hospital, but there is no road connection. Considering the section used as a bus park by ESHOT in this area, there is an urgent need to open a connection passage that will be suitable for cars under or over the İZBAN train line. So combine 8780 street with 11 / 8782 street. Thus, transportation to the hospital will be provided without increasing the traffic load of the underpass which is close to Çiğli bazaar. This connection will accelerate and facilitate especially ambulance transitions.
The entrance sign, which belongs to the ATA Industry, which is made of metal and is present at the entrance of Ata Sanayi Sitesi, coincides with the main entrance of the Hospital. Considering that vehicle traffic will increase, traffic safety regulation should be done. There is no iron railing in the area where pedestrians will walk on the edge of the rehabilitated creek which is going on from the edge of IZBAN line of 8780 / 11 street. This area needs to be adapted to pedestrian safety.
The outer walls of the hospital have been completed and there has been some distance between the previously woven wire fences and this wall. There is also a need for landscaping. The Ata Industrial stop of İZBAN line is close to the Emergency Room entrance of our hospital. An arrangement has been made in the outer wall of the pedestrians and ambulances in case of emergency. However, areas outside the garden and walkways need to be arranged.
The new regulations will be needed for the bus lines of our citizens who will receive service after the operation of the hospital. The hospital and the 300 congress hall, library and social area of ​​Izmir, which will be one of the facials in the health area of ​​the hospital need to meet the urgent need for road and bus.
I am calling out to Mr. Kocaoğlu from here; We want the connection road of this hospital, which will provide great services to İzmir and our country for health, to be opened as soon as possible. We will follow the subject. If you are not going to say, let's do it with our people. All you have done so far is no action other than blocking the services that our government brought to Izmir or filing a lawsuit. I guess you will not prevent the Izmir people to meet with this service by filing a lawsuit in the construction of the road that will allow our citizens to reach the hospital comfortably. ” spoke in the form.

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