Karahan Tunnel will be opened in 4-5 months and Erkenek Tunnel in a year. ''

Karahan Tunnel 4 will be opened to transportation in 5 months and Erkenek Tunnel will be opened one year later.
Accompanied, Deputy Chairman of AK Party provincial Noah Boyraz, Provincial Board Member Coskun Cetin, Central District Board Member Necdet elected, councilors Hasan does not say, and Cumhur Şahaplıoğl with Turkey Gazette with the party visited the Malatya Regional Representative, Representative Jalal Koyuncu and Öz met with his deputy Enver Geleri, and consulted.
Answering the questions of UAV here, AK Party deputy of Malatya and Chief of the Parliament, Ömer Faruk Öz, gave information about two ongoing tunnel works in Malatya - Darende Kararayolu Karahan, ongoing going and arrival, 800 meters long. 'As you know, the tunnel was opened and its light was seen. The construction of the tunnel was delayed two years because of the soft ground and small collapses during the tunnel excavation. Lighting and coating works are ongoing in one of them. Work started in the other. Connection roads will be constructed in Darende and Malatya direction. Karahan tunnel will be opened in 4-5 months. This means that the road that connects Malatya to Darende will be shortened by 15-25 minutes and that the problems in the region will be eliminated in the winter. ” He was used.
Saying that the Yeşilyurt-Çelikhan highway was opened, but there was a 10-kilometer non-asphalt region, Öz said, 'It has already been tendered. When the weather conditions are available, asphalt will be made. When the 10-kilometer road is asphalted, the road will be open to traffic.




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