KadıköyRailings of railroad overpass fell on the road in

Kadıköyrailings of the railroad overpass fell on the road:Kadıköyrailroad railing fell to the road due to violent lodos in Istanbul, the parked car under the overpass was damaged

The railings of the railroad overpass passing over Söğütlüçeşme Street fell out of its way due to the strong wind.

While there were no dead or injured in the incident, under the overpass, the vehicle parked by Sakıp Bumin Aslantürk, the 34 UE 8185 license plate was partially damaged.

After informing the surrounding area, many police teams arrived at the scene. While the Söğütlüçeşme Street security strip was closed and closed to two-way traffic, the passages under the overpass were not allowed.

The railing falling through the upper passage was removed from the road with the help of municipal crews and construction machinery. The teams took precautions to prevent the fall of the other parapets in the overpass.



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