Alaaddin - Courthouse Tramway Works Are Moving Fast

Alaaddin - Adliye Tramway Works are progressing rapidly: In Konya, the new rail system line which connects the Seljuk and Karatay central districts with each other is continuing rapidly. At the end of the new line produced in the form of a single line with a length of 14 km, a workshop building will be built for repairs. The total length of the new line, along with the tram parking areas, is found in 14km.
Since the new tram line is located on a route that covers the most important historical places of Konya, such as Mevlana Museum, Alaaddin Boulevard, Mevlana Cultural Center, Bedesten, a catenary-free tram application will be made in this region, a first in Turkey. There will be no catenary poles and wires in approximately 2 km from Alaaddin to Mevlana Cultural Center. This system is available in only a few cities in the world. The tram will pass the catenary-free zone with the energy provided by the batteries on its own without receiving energy from the outside. For this reason, within the scope of the tram purchase tender for the Alaaddin - Selçuk University line, a business increase was made and an agreement was made with "Skoda Transportation as" for 12 battery-powered tram vehicles. With the job increase, battery-powered trams are delivered to our city of Konya without paying an additional fee over the tender unit tram price. kazanis being raised. The production of the prototype battery-powered tram is about to be completed and it is planned to start the tests of the vehicle by the end of the year.

Line Length 14 Km single line
Station Number 8
Rail Clearance 1435mm
Tender Date 01.07.2013
Contract Date 12.08.2013
Location Delivery 23.08.2013
Tender Price 53.817.212,00 TL
Installer Company Building Center - Yapı Ray
Duration of Work 2 Year
Special Design for Konya
Moves Mevlevi and Anatolian Seljuk Motifs
% 100 Low Base
Bidirectional Use
Fully Automatic Coupling
Water Cooled Engines
Passenger Information System with Led and LCD
Wireless Intenet with Wi-Fi
Vehicle length: 32.250 mm
Tool width: 2.550 mm
Vehicle height: 3.560 mm

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