What will happen to see the Marmaray wagons dumped for years

Marmaray wagons left to the state
Marmaray wagons left to the state

Marmaray wagons that have been left to decay for 3 years. Here is the statement about the wagons…

Abandoned to decay 460 million euro wagons "This is a tremendous waste and sin," he said. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, on the other hand, excused that vehicles were not put into service because test drives were not made.

Marmaray scandal, which today's news of yesterday, fell into the agenda like a bomb. "This is a huge waste and a sin," said the President of the United Transporters Union, for the wagons worth 460m euros, which were abandoned to rot. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, on the other hand, pretended that the vehicles were not put into service as test drives were not carried out.

There was a great reaction to the scandal in the Marmaray project, connecting the two continents of Istanbul. United Transportation Union President Nazım Karakurt said, “We warned the Ministry many times, but they did not listen to us, because the wagons imported from South Korea, which cost 460 million euros, were not allowed to maneuver.

They have been refuting these trains, which are bought with the money of the public, for 3 years. This is a great waste is sin. We will use our legal right regarding this scandal and we will follow the process ”.


Stating that the Marmaray project was launched as the 'Project of the Century' to attract the public's attention before it was put into practice, Karakurt said, “The Marmaray project has always been mentioned as one of the few projects in the world. They opened 76 kilometers of the 13-kilometer line for use. ”


Saying that the information that the companies that made the Marmaray project gave up on the project, Karakurt expressed the grave allegations: “It may be important for them to open Marmaray with a gaudy ceremony on 29 October, but when you look at it, very large international companies that have made the Marmaray project are now giving up the project.

Especially Halkalı We have received serious reports that the contractors doing this job have abandoned this job. These are grave claims. You prepare the tender specifications and go out to the tender. When you look at it, some difficulties arise. Naturally, the big companies here are withdrawing by saying that we are unable to make losses because of this existing tender price. ”


The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has made a statement about these wagons that have been left to decay for 3 years and have been taken with the sweat of the citizen: It has been stated that the wagons, which have not been used idly for 3 years, have not been put into service because they have not completed the test processes. In the statement informing that the vehicles will be put into service after completing the test processes, it is stated that the responsibility of this situation is between the contractor and the manufacturer. When the test processes are completed and delivered to TCDD, these vehicles will be put into service ”.

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  1. The human reads in amazement, waving his head to the right, left and right, he is bewildered. The competent, influential,, knowledgeable, irrelevant, uninformed ni, mind-blowing, mind-boggling situation, regardless of who (s). Their apologies are bigger than their mistakes. The ones that are concerned, put us in a position, put up with the idiots, or there are other things behind the scenes. Because there is no logic and no normal processes!
    See the abstract; … Since the tests and admissions have not yet been done, 3 (THREE) YEAR trains were lying “. It will be handed over to be put into service after the tests! N A normal fatal person asks: why are these tests performed in THREE (3) YEARS (a)? (as if they were doing things in the so-called test, the unexplored wheel was rediscovered den).
    Why is this always in business? Why do normal watches turn from left to right, and they turn from right to left in public enterprises? Why every new facility established in the last 20 years of SEEs has a HURDA and HURDALIK view from the beginning or after a short time ???? Why is that…..? Why is that…? Why is that…?

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