The concrete of the 3rd Bridge is at least 100 years old

  1. The concrete of the bridge is at least 100 annually: It is stated that the concrete used in the towers of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is being constructed in the Bosphorus, will last 100 years.
    3 to connect two continents. The towers of the Bosphorus Bridge reached the 304.6 meter and the concrete production was completed. Experts working in the construction of the bridge, bridge towers of the reinforced concrete manufacturing durations of at least 100 years, he said. In addition, the first asphalt on the European side of the Northern Marmara Highway was poured into the Odayeri site.
    Project officials stated that they reached an elevation of 29 meters in the towers, whose construction started with the groundbreaking ceremony on May 2013, 304.6, and said, “The concrete thickness, starting from 1.5 meters on the bridge foundation, has become 208 meter at 1 meters in accordance with the design. We first ascended the bridge with sliding formwork, and after 208 meters elevation, climbing formwork system was adopted. Approximately 300 people worked in shifts day and night in the towers. "At the last point reached, the elevation of 304 meters was reached with automatic climbing formwork."




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