Zigana Tunnel Tender Completed

Tender for Zigana Tunnel: The construction of the 12,9-kilometer-long tunnel, planned to be built on the Zigana Pass, which is the nightmare of drivers' nightmares and connects the Eastern Black Sea to the Middle East, was tendered today by the General Directorate of Highways.
Considering the transition of 1 million 200 vehicles in a year in total from Zigana Mountain, the tunnel will contribute greatly to the economy of the country. Trabzon-Erzurum between the 2,5 hours will be reduced to the tunnels related to the Tunnels and took the tenders.
Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu said, ç Zigana Tunnel has been auctioned today. A giant step that has been completed in all its works will be completed in the Zigana Tunnel and the tender will be completed at the General Directorate of Highways. When the tunnel runs out, Torul will be almost as close to Trazon as our neighborhood. If the Bayburt tunnel is to be taken into account, 2,5 from Trabzon to Erzurum will take place every hour. In addition to getting a safer rate in a longer period of time, our heavy-duty vehicles will be brought into our city as a very big step in trade. Ağır




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