Yomra Municipality Continues Its Work at Full Speed

Yomra Municipality continues its work at full speed: Mayor of Yomra İbrahim Sağıroğlu, found in the village of Yenice, where the concrete work was carried out.
President Sağıroğlu, sayılı We said to our citizens before the elections that the more important services with the metropolitan law 6360 will reach you. This seemed to have not gained much acclaim in the eyes of our citizens. But 6 a period of months has passed thanks thank God 17 our village turned into a neighborhood 3 has transformed our neighborhood into the neighborhood. We were the total 24 neighborhood. 18-19 as the number of neighborhoods. We are doing asphalt and concreting of our neighborhood. In doing so, our aim is to complete all of the main roads until the end of the year, to make concrete and expansion works and to offer to our citizens. Fortunately, we were very successful in this. Çok
Mayor Sağıroğlu stated that they will complete the asphalt and concreting targeted by Allah's leave without the end of the year. Yenice village is now Yenice neighborhood. Here in the 4 kilometer way, our teams are doing cleaning and expansion works on the one hand and concrete work is being done on the one hand and paving works are carried out in our Sancak neighborhood. Our nation deserves the best of everything. In order to provide them with this service, we started the service from the most remote corner of the city and started from the ruins. Here is the distress between citizens, first my neighborhood, but it is absolutely fair how you start in the neighborhood A similar reactions in neighborhood B If you start from the neighborhood of the neighborhood may be similar reactions, but ultimately we are happy to fulfill the promise of peace and happiness, "he said. .
President Sağıroğlu stated that they poured a thousand tons of asphalt 31 this year. This is the amount of asphalt a provincial municipality can not. We poured concrete in a thousand cubic meters of 17. Hopefully by the end of the year 20-21 will pour asphalt in a thousand cubic meters of concrete 35-36 thousand cubic meters. We get very positive reactions here. You see the satisfaction of our citizens, but when you see the happiness when you go to the villages, your joy increases. For example, we went to a village near the ruins of Santa. We paved the whole mile of the 38 to the beach. When we visited there on Friday, the school students threw the somersaults on the asphalt. A smile on the face of the citizen, a smile we are very happy with these things we want to do what we want to do is not something else already, yüz he said.
President Sagıroğlu said, dönüm As Yomra Municipality, we have a filling project on the coast of 300. People will create common social living spaces. Because the town Yomra thankfully our last 10 years, Turkey's westward development of other cities shows that we showed we're a development eastward. We have received a large amount of government investments. You can think of it as Legal Education and Research Hospital, you can think of it as Eurasian Foundation University, you can think of it as Regional Court of Justice, you can think of it as our 5 Star hotels, Yomra Municipality has taken much of the investments it can get from the state. For this reason, if we cannot equip these services with social areas, we cannot add this added value to our district. We are working for this, so we have created a filling area project at about 300 acres of sea. We have prepared the measurements of this Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization took. I hope that this week will come and talk to the Minister of Transport and implement our filling project. In addition, we have prepared an urban transformation project on the 59 acres in the region, which is the former institution of the former Oymalı Street. All our work on this is over. The 510 apartment is the 110 trade center and will make the city a truly European city. Here the work came to the final stage. Next week, we will go to the TOKI Presidency for approval and we will start digging and starting work. In addition to him, the biggest missing in Yomra were shortcomings in our predecessors. The biggest missing was the park, the garden, the green spaces were missing. As you can see, we have prepared a very stylish place on the road of Özdil on a land of approximately 7, including a playground, playgrounds and sports equipment that can be used by the public. We received a loan of about 1 million. Right, the former Provincial Bank Manager Tuncay Karaman Bey brought this to us in response to a project I did in the European Union. I think we'il take care of it in the 1-2 month. Our main goal, before the election, we said that as of this year, we will expand, concrete and asphalt the main roads of all our neighborhoods. We are at the level of 80 at the end of the year until the end of the year 20 to complete and we can work on some intermediate roads. We will fulfill them by Allah's leave. Iyle



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